Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This Is My Dilemma

I am currently on depo shots. I've been using it for a year now. It is my first option since I am a "no-pill" person (I don't like taking any kind of medicine). But using it is causing me to bloat! And I hate it. I'm bigger today than when I'm still carrying Tri.
My weight has been a big deal with my office mates (ok--some of 'em!). They would greet me in the morning like:
"hey mommy juljul, are you pregnant again?" in a teasing way.
And my usual answer: "No. I'm just big."
Or just like how my batch mate would say: "Girl, reserve your right thigh for me for Christmas. Got a good cheese to match that."
And to this one, my usual answer: middle finger (I'm sorry, not a good example for a mom, I know).
I will blog more of this in the future. But not now.
Back to my little pow wow.
I'm planning to switch to oral contraceptive. My depo shot will wear off this coming weekend and I'd like to talk to an OB before taking in the pills. I need proper instructions and someone professional to discuss the pros and cons of changing contraceptives.
The problems:
1.) My husband does not like the idea of me switching from injectables to pill. He said, I might forget taking it. He feels safer with the depo shot.
2.) Taking pills means a hundred to five hundred bucks a month from my pocket, compared to a hundred pesos in three months with depo.
3.) Preggy feeling will come back (dizziness, nausea, etc.)
1.) Considerable weight gain (GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!)
2.) Hormonal imbalance (which causes spottings, excessive bleeding or no menstruation at all)
3.) Mood swings (Sorry dear, I know you've been my shock absorder. I love you!)
4.) Fatigue (resulting to stress)
1.) My schedule does not fit any OB's schedule around my area and those that are under our company's program. I don't know how I would be able to go see a doctor. I can't afford to be absent from work!
I can't decide. I've been googling the whole day. So far, pills is winning. Lots of complaints with depo. I'll think it over tonight. To moms reading this, I hope someone with a golden heart leave a comment to help me decide.


mayla cordero said...

hi.. im a 2 years pill user... for what you've mentioned about depo, i think its almost the same, i get fat, mood swings, migraine attack except for not menstruating, spotting and heavy mens. because pills used to regulate menstruation and to avoid heavy mens too.

taking pills you need is consistency and patience

thirdy_smom said...

hi mayla, thanks for dropping by!

yah, i am currently on the pill and so far so good. I lost a little of the extra flab I gained while using the jab. Still, I always put in my mind that any type of hormonal contraceptive may give the similar effect.

Appreciate your comment! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Thirdysmom..I been using pill(MELIANE) for 4 yrs.It ws prescribed by my OB.medyo costly nga far i ddnt experience preggy feeling.I ddnt feel any unusual effects.infact,my mens was lesser in amount n duration...un nga nkakalimutan ko sya lage pero effective pa dn nman.

thirdy_smom said...

^hi there,

thanks for dropping by. I've been on the pill for a good year now. never failed me. :) hubby is happy hehehehehe

have a nice day!