Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Breaking the Bad Habit. (There yah go, bitches!)

I have been wanting to make a post about this sudden change in my routine, but I really do not know where to start. This has been me for roughly seven years. An old habit that is very difficult to break. 

Effective today, January 15, 2014, my service with my company (together with my 7 teammates) has ended. I was informed about it about a month ago. To most, it was a disappointment. To some, it was just right. To me, I fucking love it! It was just exactly what I wanted. A bad news to some, is what I call my answered prayer. 

However, today, although I hate to admit this to myself, I am kind of in awe. 

Team Breaking Bad + Angela

My body is not responding well to the "short vacation". Every inch of my muscles are demanding for the same routine. I woke up to the same hour I usually do every work day, I sleep even later. I felt restless, with the urgent need to turn my pc on, press CTRL+ALT+DEL and type in my network log in and password. I even searched for the virtual phone logo on my desktop. My mornings are not complete without the usual catch up chit chat with my teammates about the work for the day, current emails, new processes, updates and files that needs immediate response. Today, I found myself missing the spreadsheets we use for our daily reports. All those roughly seven years of work...

with STT girls + Daddy Fred

Original Team GF (missing a few guys)
Of course, to some of the people in my company, those years are not considered work, since they only saw us as those lazy bastards, sleeping, chatting and passing time. Now, I dare the new team who will be handling our job and tell us which part of our job is PASSING TIME. 

Anyway, setting aside my little bitterness for the above mentioned, if there is something I am really missing, it's the people I work with which I have called MY FAMILY. Some of these people are already with me since my day 1. Some, I've only gotten to know for just a few months, but still occupies a big space in my heart. These are the people who believed in me. The people who pushed me to go further. These are the people who never gave up on me. Those who are always there to support my ideas, but sometime argue if they are too crazy. Those who said "why quit?" and gave me a back slap. Those who said "nothing is impossible if we could all work on it." 

with Social Media girls

These people are the reason I stayed. The reason I loved every freaking 4:00am alarms. The reason why I am stressing myself out to make plans. The reason Team Friday was created. The people behind my "What the fuck, bitch?" attitude. The reason why I pushed myself harder to help. The reason why my already big heart does not stop from getting bigger and bigger as every day goes by. 

So what is it that I can't let go? It's not about the morning routine per shift. It's about the morning faces I see everyday. Not about the job I do for seven years, but the time shared with these people. 

These people are my family. They are my bad habit.

If I am to leave anything to these people who have been there for me all through these years, it's this:

*taken from Google images
Because when I thought I was fighting alone, they were there, silently pulling me up, helping me stand up and acting like my crutch. Even if I am standing alone, they were there. Not visible, but always felt.

So long, bitches! See yah 'round!

CJEF, Officially signing off from Sony-HGS. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tri Goes to the Hot Air Balloon Festival (02/23/2013)

What:  18th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival
When:  February 23, 2013
Where: Clark Freeport Zone Pampanga

Another out of town trip! I found myself smiling when this thought popped into my head. Again, it started with just a little conversation during one of my sleepy weekend graveyard shifts. Chad and I are browsing the net just looking for cool places where he could take pictures. I suggested this zoo in Tagaytay and he later challenged me with another zoo in Subic bigger and cooler than the one I mentioned. When he said "Subic", I almost screamed "Hot Air Balloon Festival!".

And yeah--that's when the plan to go on another trip started.

I believe I've already established how O.C. I am when it comes to planning. I plan waaaaaaaaay ahead. It was January when we had that conversation and believe me, that entire shift was spent with me looking for information of the said event. I've researched, researched, researched until I can satisfy my brain with all the things I needed to know. 

For the whole month of planning, we've had different changes here and there, I almost gave up. We've had issues with the driver having too many issues of his own, problem with the ticket reservation, problem with travelling time, with the weather, with the people coming with us, Tri's sudden tummy ache and everything and anything imaginable. That was one of my most stressful moments in life! Thankfully, because of my persuasive and motivated friends, we made the trip.

At 2:00am, February 23, 2013, me and my boys + the driver picked up our trusty friends, Angela, Chad and KC at the ChowKing, Balintawak branch and went straight ahead to the venue. With the map on Chad's tablet, our sharp sights and my handwritten driving instructions, we arrived at the Clark Freeport Zone past 4:00am. The show was scheduled to start at 5:30 but we needed to get early to fall in line, get tickets (which costs P250 each, and free entrance for kids Tri's age) and secure a nice spot for Chad's pictures. It wasn't a nice experience to fall in line and be squished by other people specially if you have a sick 4-year old tot in tow. Good thing, my son's mood can be easily lighten up--literally.

The show started with the light show called UFO Light Flyers. I think it lasted until sunrise.

Starting the day right, bright and sunny, just as how Angela predicted it to be :)

Next was the Philippine Flag Jump 

And the most awaited moment! The Hot Air Balloon Flight

Bouquet! :) 

Yep, Yellowcab sponsored this one. Made me crave for Charlie Chan! :P

This was Tri's favorite. When he saw the letters on the balloon, he shouted: "That's my name!". 

Indeed sweetie, aka Willy J. Medina III--that is your name. 

"Humpty Dumpty had a great fall..."

Firetruck Balloon--oh so cute!

Pink!!! Tri called this one "Elie" 

This never made it to the air :( The only one that made never it... 

Have you met Mr. Sunshine? He was there to brighten up the day. Did a pretty good job! :)

There are other balloons on the show but most are not eye-catching :[ 

There are also a lot of other activities we watched like the paragliding, aerobatic shows, skydiving, helicopter flight display, and many more.

Helicopter Flight Display

But what helped the child in me escape its cage was the amazing Breitling Jet Team Aerobatic Exhibition. I was screaming the whole time! I caught myself clapping and mumbling "wow.." on every turn and twist and appearance they made up in the sky! It was so much fun!

And here are a few pictures from Chad/KC/Angela :

Angela and Thirdysmom via Angela's instagram. 

My little family :) 

Meet my gang--(front, left to right) Chad and Tri, (back, left to right) Hubby, me, KC and  my bro Jao

The ever reliable KC! :)

Another group shot with tents in the background! :D
The trip went well despite the challenges we had to face preparing for the event. All in all, I was happy that I made my family happy. This was actually a post-anniversary gift to my husband and just one of the many things Tri wanted to do as a kid, sorta like a wishlist he had in mind. Looking at the pictures taken by everyone, I feel contented enough that I became a part of this event and that I was able to share it with people I love. 

Here's to another adventure for my family and friends! Cheers! Let's look for other activities to cross out on our list :) I am ready!

Are you? :) 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Weaned! :)

Whenever I'm asked if there is anything I regret doing as a mom, I always say this--not being able to raise my son the "natural" way.

No. Tri's not a robot.
No. He wasn't put on a kennel.
No. He's not forced to learn foreign language at age 2.


Tri was born via c-section and the hospital policy did not permit me to take my newborn baby to my room for 3 days. And because of that, he wasn't breastfed. AT ALL.

For a mother, those are the things which we consider failures. Most moms I spoke to during my pregnancy are pro-natural birth and pro-breastfeeding. I remember giving myself a lot of things to read and watch to prepare for Tri's natural delivery, even though I was already informed of having to undergo a c-section.

The day I waited for 9 months arrived, with the bad news I had to carry for the rest of Tri's life. I had to be put under a knife to ensure my son's safety. He was delivered safe and healthy, under the supervision of a very good pediatrician from hubby's hometown. Since day one, he wasn't allowed to be brought into my room and so there really wasn't a good connection between me and him. The hospital staff said it was their policy, to avoid abduction, or patients running away from financial responsibilities. I fully understand their dilemma and I also understood that the hospital owner--who was also my OB--wasn't the pro-natural kind of doctor.

When I took Tri home, I tried my best to breastfeed him. But he wasn't latching at all. He even seemed to wince when he tasted my own milk! My mom and my mother in law were--sad to say--not that helpful either.It was a depressing stage to go back to, to be honest. So, anyway, Tri was raised with the aid of formula milk. I've already anticipated the pro's and con's and they are mostly cons. From acid reflux to the price of the milk, to the following months I need to change the formula to fit his age, to the time it took me four (4) stores before finally being able to buy a big can, and up to weaning my son from the baby bottle.

Believe me, it took him 4 years to be weaned. Very long and tough journey!

But he made it and we are all happy.

Congratulations, kiddo! You are now officially a bottle-free toddler (roughly two months, since March 8).

Mommy is so proud of this milestone. It took us a little while, but this is still one of your greatest achievements. When I talked to you about drinking your milk straight from the cup, you argued a little but you listened very well and started packing all your bottles after I cleaned it. You were very brave. 

I love you, Tri. Forgive Mommy for not giving you what is "natural". I am still keeping my promise of giving you a healthy and balanced diet to help you grow into a strong man. What I lack before, knowledge or the skill, I promise to make it up to you. I will not stop till a kid like you get what you deserve. I may not be in the best position to do so, but trust me to use my persuasive powers to lure mommies, specially the first timers, to the pro-natural method of mommyhood. :)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

To Our Dearest Bono

Hi Little Buddy,

I am writing this post just for you. We never really had enough time to talk when you were here, so I wanna take this chance. 

First, Id like to say "Thank you" from the deepest of my heart. You'd taught me and my family wonderful lessons we would never forget for the rest of our lives. You were the answer to my Tri's prayers. You were the one my brother, Jao, waited for years. You helped mellow my husband's temper and you, you just made my day.
We have been waiting for you since November. Tri and I were on a very tight deal. I promised to bring you home as soon as we know he will finish this school year with honor. He was determined and brought home two (2) awards--Top 4 and "Batang Masikap". He didn't fail us, so his Dad and I made sure we'll get you first thing in the morning.

We first spoke to your owner online, through an ad posting. The moment Tri saw your face, he began jumping. He was excited, put his console down, and pointed you on the screen repeatedly. That was the time I knew my son was serious about you. Hubby and I contacted your "father". We talked about how adorable you are and how we wanted you with Tri. Your "father" was easy to talk to, answered quickly and was so proud of your two months milestones. He said you are just the right one for us! In perfect good shape, low maintenance, and very loving. He even wanted to give you right away, he slashed off a couple of $$$. We were all excited!

Tri and I woke up last Tuesday morning with both exceptionally wide smiles on our faces. Jao and Hubby first met you and took you shopping before finally bringing you home. When we saw you, my heart stopped for a while. Tri, on the other hand, could not decide whether to jump right at you, or hug you, or pat your head! You two look soooooooo adorable! You were just as loving and as perfectly shaped as how you were described. We love you the first day we met you.You were very shy at first, opting to stay inside your new cage hubby bought you. You sat, bent your head down, and I heard you gagged. I panicked and saw you vomited on your cage, though I assured myself that you were just tired from your trip. We took you out and hubby bathed you. I noticed you panicked too! I made a mental note you're gonna hate baths forever! :) 

It was then that we noticed some tiny black dots on your caramel fur. Jao double checked and saw what we thought was a tick. I immediately ordered that you be brought to the vet for a general check up. 

You came back after an hour, with some prescriptions from the doctor and an appointment for your next visit. It appeared it was just normal. We took you out for your #1 and #2, which you did both. We spent a very good time playing and sharing a lot of TLC! You and Tri were inseparable! But I was still worried. You seemed to withdraw from us for a few times, just sitting in the corner or just simply passing out. We thought it was normal and I joked about you mastering the act of "playing dead" quite fast!

I swore to God I shouldn't have made that joke.

That same night, we made a couple of alarmed calls to your vet, describing your current state, the absurd seven times you threw up with clear fluid, your refusal to eat anything offered to you and your continued shyness. We were told "That's ok. Hes adjusting. Just give him Mondex and he should be good by tomorrow."

Wednesday came. I woke up quite early to see you already up inside your cage. Your eyes were too eager when you saw me, though you never made an effort to bark or howl, or whichever way you guys do it. I checked your crib and saw you never touched your food, but you're out of water. I figured you were quite thirsty. I woke up Jao and asked to take you out for your #1 when I saw that yellow stain on your bedding. After thorough inspection, we found out it was your #2, with a blood smear. Frantic, I woke hubby up and told him what I saw. He promised me he'll take you to the clinic as soon as it opens. 

My nerve has never calmed since I left home to work. I made several calls making sure you were doing ok. Jao told me, you had another #2, but stopped vomiting. I thought it was good news. My time at work was consumed finding articles about your situation. The other half of the world wide web was telling me you were in a pretty bad shape. The other half told me, it'll pass. SOP in other words. I wasn't contented. I searched help via my childhood friend Carmel, who turns out to be a real expert on this case, since she had the same experience with her first baby. Until I remembered which pup she was talking about--her first shih tzu, Chuchay, who died just recently.

The day didn't go very well and I received a couple of bad strikes. You relieved yourself more than ten (10) times just in the morning. You were too weak, you couldn't even look up. You were already tick infested and that you have contracted a virus. The worst I've heard was that, the situation was too bad, even confinement wouldn't be able to save you. 

I asked myself, Was it something we did during your first day? 

The answer was NO.

You had been sick and weak even before you were sold to us. Your original owner lied about your health. You had been kept together with other animals from where you could have gotten the virus. We were not informed. We were tricked. We were scammed. Your original owner even refused to answer any of our texts or calls.

All four of us spent the entire Wednesday trying to make you comfortable, while trying to keep our hopes up. It was around 4:30pm, our helper called and said you were gone. 

Bono, up to this day, my heart and soul are weeping for your loss. We all cried our hearts out. I tried to explain things to Tri. He was, in my observation, traumatized. Refusing to talk about you or look at your pictures, then asking for you the very moment he opened his eyes in the morning. He called your name one night and said "I miss you, Bono" before going to sleep. 

It was one of the most painful thing to ever happen in my family, next to the death of my Dad. I could not accept the fact that you couldn't stay any longer with us. I was dumbfounded. I was numb for a couple of days. But i don't wanna hold you back in this place. I want you to run!

Run, Bono!

Run to the rainbow bridge! Don't look back, just run! 

I swear when you reach that place, you're never gonna be sick. You'll be happy with other pets. You'll be as lively as you were before we met you. I swear you're never gonna have to experience whatever it was you went through before you left. 

You're already a part of my family and I swore to fight for the rights you were never given. I swear to help your brothers and sisters to attain what is best for all of you. 

I won't fail you, like I did when you were ours. 

That will be our deal. Just the two of us. I won't let you down this time.

We love you and we'll see each other soon. 

All the love from us,

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tri Goes To Tarlac - Day 2 (JRG Resort)

Oct 18, 2012.

Welcome to JRG Resort
A few days before this trip pushed through, we went through a series of changes. Change of plans,change of venue, change of IT, change of activities--I'm not really comfortable with it. Partly because I am an OC and the other half, I'm not quite sure. I just know that I am not the type of person who likes last minute changes (well, who does, anyway?)

Anyway, it was originally plan to go on nature tripping for our day 2. We were supposed to go to the eco-park located in San Jose, Tarlac for the kids to enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen circumstances, some of the people initially included on the IT backed out. I understand their reasons, however, them backing out means revision on our ITs. Our activities, even if very simple, were all planned by headcount. We had to cancel our jeepney service for the eco-park actvity as well as our dine out at the famous Tessie's Grills and Roasters and we had to reorganize the schedule for the 2nd day.

Lucky for us, we have two locals on our team. Mark and Renee decided to bring the kids somewhere we know they would enjoy--swimming.

Tri in his cute blue diving suit ready to jump in the water!

This is our moment--Mommy-baby moment :)

They'll definitely look good together 20 years from now..

ze girls... with Tri 

My precious boys! Oh, I love this picture!
This is the entire gang c/o hubby.

Well-planned or not, what makes this trip so special is the effort exerted to make it happen. I thank my friends for being so supportive, so enthusiastic and so eager to give each other the kind of childhood joy we talked about resulting to this vacation. We were all carefree, we didn't mind pulling extra bills out of our pockets, nobody's hungry and everyone's appetite was pacified. Best of all, the smiles on our kids' faces are incomparable to any smile we've seen in a while. 

The trip was worth all the planning, all the research, the misunderstanding, the miscalculations and over/underestimations. 

This is the kind of experience I want Tri to remember. Not too fancy, but enjoyable. 

Something good to remember. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturdate with Girlfriends

Excuse my super delayed post...

When: Dec 1, 2012
What: My Pre-birthday Celebration with Girlfriends
Where: Eastwood City

2012 came like a blur. Things happened so fast and before I knew it, it was already December. And December means, my birthday!

Ok, so I am such a sucker for whatever celebration, even my own birthday. On any normal circumstances that I have to do something to be festive, I always end up taking my family to a mall or to dine out. That is my idea of celebration. But I believe time and people managed to change that. Even just for once.

My friend Angela came up with an idea to have a full body massage weeks before my big day (and we didn't even thought of doing it for that purpose!). Well anyway, it was a last minute plan. I received a text from Angela Friday night while I was on my way home confirming our Saturdate with my alter ego, Myra. 

Came Saturday afternoon, there was a heavy flow of traffic and I was getting anxious to get to Eastwood on time (I do not like the thought of people waiting for me). Well, I made it just a couple of minutes after 5pm and I was surprised to see that even Jha, despite of her busy mommy life, managed to sneak! :)

You know what they say about unplanned things being the most memorable? Well, we kind of took that too personal. So there really was no particular plan for the day. The only definite part was, of course, the body massage.

Our first stop:

This spa is located just a few meters away from our workplace in Eastwood. Angela went there earlier that day to check out their offered services so we already have ideas on what we should get. I opted for the Manhattan full body massage with oil. 

We were greeted by a very hospitable employee. I wasn't able to get her name. But i can still remember her face. She's very nice and accommodating, always smiling and was never tired of answering our non-sense questions. She's even too nice to volunteer to take our pictures. :) 

We kind of fail on this category :D

The place is quite small--which I kind of already expect from a place located in an Eastwood mall. There are two rooms on the ground floor and I think another two upstairs, each with two beds inside. I think they put on dividers to accommodate customers who came in alone. Anyway, when we arrived, the spa was almost empty except for one room. Myra, who chose the Balinese full body massage w/o the oil, and Jha, who copied my choice were ushered to one of the rooms on the ground floor. Angela and I went upstairs. She asked for the Manhattan massage as well.

The room was too cramped, in my opinion. It can fit two beds, yes, but it restricts the movements of the masseuses. There was no shower room or at least some sort of a covered corner where one can undress and put on the boxer shorts (which by the way was too big and cannot be adjusted to fit on my waist). I remember using a rubber band to tie an end of the shorts so it won't fall off. 

I was beginning to doubt if relaxation is what we came there for. But my doubts and worries are washed away by the calming effect of my masseuse's hands working on my back. Again, I did not get her name, but she is really professional. She would ask a couple of questions before starting and made sure her client is well relaxed. The pressure of her hands and fingers were just fine for my aching back and legs. Ugh--writing about it makes me wanna go back and have another session!

Anyway, the massage took 1hr. 45minutes for the actual massage and the remaining 15 minutes for resting. The resting part, was kind of another disappointment. Since I mentioned there was no shower room, then there was no option to wash the oil from our body but to use a towel damped in warm water. It was fine, but i would still prefer a nice warm shower.

We went strolling looking for a place to eat. It was a Saturday night, so almost every resto in Eastwood are full--if not too expensive for our taste. After a couple of minutes walking, some celebrity rundown and sight seeing, we settled down on:

Picture-picture while waiting for our order :)

Janice and yours truly...

Myra and Angela

I like hanging around people who are never shy of their appetite, not too choosy with food, do not go for the expensive, fine dining restos. So this is what we ordered: 

The Bicolandia something... it was delish! and just the right amount for hungry girls!

My birthday cake! custard cheese cake. I love love love love it! I ate half of it :D

After we ate, there was a fireworks display. And my girlfriends joked, they had it timed. Well, it was perfectly timed! :)

What is oily face after the massage???

At around past 9pm, they walked me back to our office, since, aside from being a sucker at celebrating, I am a sucker on work schedules. I don't really have nice weekends or holidays compared to the other ladies--but I am not complaining. I am already used to it. I have a 10pm shift that weeknight so we bid goodbye and promised to meet again for another girls night out.

I was so happy that I was able to do things that I don't get to experience for quite a while--to have a relaxing massage and dine out with my friends. Sometimes, I think my busy life as a full time working mom limits my time for my other source of happiness. Yes, I am very happy with the kind of life I have with my family and my job, but the time with the people who also became a part of your family is something different. It's a different form of a happy pill, you know. A different dosage, different kick!

Well, my day did not end there. My team mates, Chad, Mark and Daddy Fred surprised me with some sweet treats:

Pink buttered cake. the pink coin purse behind is from Angela. looks sweet enough to eat too!

My favorite! I appreciate people who can remember little things about me, because yes, this is my favorite!

Belated--I honestly don't know what age I am now--happy birthday to me! TYL! :)

TYL for that special day.

TYL for the time well spent.

TYL for a good weather.

TYL for the friends who remembered.