Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Breaking the Bad Habit. (There yah go, bitches!)

I have been wanting to make a post about this sudden change in my routine, but I really do not know where to start. This has been me for roughly seven years. An old habit that is very difficult to break. 

Effective today, January 15, 2014, my service with my company (together with my 7 teammates) has ended. I was informed about it about a month ago. To most, it was a disappointment. To some, it was just right. To me, I fucking love it! It was just exactly what I wanted. A bad news to some, is what I call my answered prayer. 

However, today, although I hate to admit this to myself, I am kind of in awe. 

Team Breaking Bad + Angela

My body is not responding well to the "short vacation". Every inch of my muscles are demanding for the same routine. I woke up to the same hour I usually do every work day, I sleep even later. I felt restless, with the urgent need to turn my pc on, press CTRL+ALT+DEL and type in my network log in and password. I even searched for the virtual phone logo on my desktop. My mornings are not complete without the usual catch up chit chat with my teammates about the work for the day, current emails, new processes, updates and files that needs immediate response. Today, I found myself missing the spreadsheets we use for our daily reports. All those roughly seven years of work...

with STT girls + Daddy Fred

Original Team GF (missing a few guys)
Of course, to some of the people in my company, those years are not considered work, since they only saw us as those lazy bastards, sleeping, chatting and passing time. Now, I dare the new team who will be handling our job and tell us which part of our job is PASSING TIME. 

Anyway, setting aside my little bitterness for the above mentioned, if there is something I am really missing, it's the people I work with which I have called MY FAMILY. Some of these people are already with me since my day 1. Some, I've only gotten to know for just a few months, but still occupies a big space in my heart. These are the people who believed in me. The people who pushed me to go further. These are the people who never gave up on me. Those who are always there to support my ideas, but sometime argue if they are too crazy. Those who said "why quit?" and gave me a back slap. Those who said "nothing is impossible if we could all work on it." 

with Social Media girls

These people are the reason I stayed. The reason I loved every freaking 4:00am alarms. The reason why I am stressing myself out to make plans. The reason Team Friday was created. The people behind my "What the fuck, bitch?" attitude. The reason why I pushed myself harder to help. The reason why my already big heart does not stop from getting bigger and bigger as every day goes by. 

So what is it that I can't let go? It's not about the morning routine per shift. It's about the morning faces I see everyday. Not about the job I do for seven years, but the time shared with these people. 

These people are my family. They are my bad habit.

If I am to leave anything to these people who have been there for me all through these years, it's this:

*taken from Google images
Because when I thought I was fighting alone, they were there, silently pulling me up, helping me stand up and acting like my crutch. Even if I am standing alone, they were there. Not visible, but always felt.

So long, bitches! See yah 'round!

CJEF, Officially signing off from Sony-HGS.