Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tri Goes to the Hot Air Balloon Festival (02/23/2013)

What:  18th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival
When:  February 23, 2013
Where: Clark Freeport Zone Pampanga

Another out of town trip! I found myself smiling when this thought popped into my head. Again, it started with just a little conversation during one of my sleepy weekend graveyard shifts. Chad and I are browsing the net just looking for cool places where he could take pictures. I suggested this zoo in Tagaytay and he later challenged me with another zoo in Subic bigger and cooler than the one I mentioned. When he said "Subic", I almost screamed "Hot Air Balloon Festival!".

And yeah--that's when the plan to go on another trip started.

I believe I've already established how O.C. I am when it comes to planning. I plan waaaaaaaaay ahead. It was January when we had that conversation and believe me, that entire shift was spent with me looking for information of the said event. I've researched, researched, researched until I can satisfy my brain with all the things I needed to know. 

For the whole month of planning, we've had different changes here and there, I almost gave up. We've had issues with the driver having too many issues of his own, problem with the ticket reservation, problem with travelling time, with the weather, with the people coming with us, Tri's sudden tummy ache and everything and anything imaginable. That was one of my most stressful moments in life! Thankfully, because of my persuasive and motivated friends, we made the trip.

At 2:00am, February 23, 2013, me and my boys + the driver picked up our trusty friends, Angela, Chad and KC at the ChowKing, Balintawak branch and went straight ahead to the venue. With the map on Chad's tablet, our sharp sights and my handwritten driving instructions, we arrived at the Clark Freeport Zone past 4:00am. The show was scheduled to start at 5:30 but we needed to get early to fall in line, get tickets (which costs P250 each, and free entrance for kids Tri's age) and secure a nice spot for Chad's pictures. It wasn't a nice experience to fall in line and be squished by other people specially if you have a sick 4-year old tot in tow. Good thing, my son's mood can be easily lighten up--literally.

The show started with the light show called UFO Light Flyers. I think it lasted until sunrise.

Starting the day right, bright and sunny, just as how Angela predicted it to be :)

Next was the Philippine Flag Jump 

And the most awaited moment! The Hot Air Balloon Flight

Bouquet! :) 

Yep, Yellowcab sponsored this one. Made me crave for Charlie Chan! :P

This was Tri's favorite. When he saw the letters on the balloon, he shouted: "That's my name!". 

Indeed sweetie, aka Willy J. Medina III--that is your name. 

"Humpty Dumpty had a great fall..."

Firetruck Balloon--oh so cute!

Pink!!! Tri called this one "Elie" 

This never made it to the air :( The only one that made never it... 

Have you met Mr. Sunshine? He was there to brighten up the day. Did a pretty good job! :)

There are other balloons on the show but most are not eye-catching :[ 

There are also a lot of other activities we watched like the paragliding, aerobatic shows, skydiving, helicopter flight display, and many more.

Helicopter Flight Display

But what helped the child in me escape its cage was the amazing Breitling Jet Team Aerobatic Exhibition. I was screaming the whole time! I caught myself clapping and mumbling "wow.." on every turn and twist and appearance they made up in the sky! It was so much fun!

And here are a few pictures from Chad/KC/Angela :

Angela and Thirdysmom via Angela's instagram. 

My little family :) 

Meet my gang--(front, left to right) Chad and Tri, (back, left to right) Hubby, me, KC and  my bro Jao

The ever reliable KC! :)

Another group shot with tents in the background! :D
The trip went well despite the challenges we had to face preparing for the event. All in all, I was happy that I made my family happy. This was actually a post-anniversary gift to my husband and just one of the many things Tri wanted to do as a kid, sorta like a wishlist he had in mind. Looking at the pictures taken by everyone, I feel contented enough that I became a part of this event and that I was able to share it with people I love. 

Here's to another adventure for my family and friends! Cheers! Let's look for other activities to cross out on our list :) I am ready!

Are you? :)