Saturday, April 27, 2013

Weaned! :)

Whenever I'm asked if there is anything I regret doing as a mom, I always say this--not being able to raise my son the "natural" way.

No. Tri's not a robot.
No. He wasn't put on a kennel.
No. He's not forced to learn foreign language at age 2.


Tri was born via c-section and the hospital policy did not permit me to take my newborn baby to my room for 3 days. And because of that, he wasn't breastfed. AT ALL.

For a mother, those are the things which we consider failures. Most moms I spoke to during my pregnancy are pro-natural birth and pro-breastfeeding. I remember giving myself a lot of things to read and watch to prepare for Tri's natural delivery, even though I was already informed of having to undergo a c-section.

The day I waited for 9 months arrived, with the bad news I had to carry for the rest of Tri's life. I had to be put under a knife to ensure my son's safety. He was delivered safe and healthy, under the supervision of a very good pediatrician from hubby's hometown. Since day one, he wasn't allowed to be brought into my room and so there really wasn't a good connection between me and him. The hospital staff said it was their policy, to avoid abduction, or patients running away from financial responsibilities. I fully understand their dilemma and I also understood that the hospital owner--who was also my OB--wasn't the pro-natural kind of doctor.

When I took Tri home, I tried my best to breastfeed him. But he wasn't latching at all. He even seemed to wince when he tasted my own milk! My mom and my mother in law were--sad to say--not that helpful either.It was a depressing stage to go back to, to be honest. So, anyway, Tri was raised with the aid of formula milk. I've already anticipated the pro's and con's and they are mostly cons. From acid reflux to the price of the milk, to the following months I need to change the formula to fit his age, to the time it took me four (4) stores before finally being able to buy a big can, and up to weaning my son from the baby bottle.

Believe me, it took him 4 years to be weaned. Very long and tough journey!

But he made it and we are all happy.

Congratulations, kiddo! You are now officially a bottle-free toddler (roughly two months, since March 8).

Mommy is so proud of this milestone. It took us a little while, but this is still one of your greatest achievements. When I talked to you about drinking your milk straight from the cup, you argued a little but you listened very well and started packing all your bottles after I cleaned it. You were very brave. 

I love you, Tri. Forgive Mommy for not giving you what is "natural". I am still keeping my promise of giving you a healthy and balanced diet to help you grow into a strong man. What I lack before, knowledge or the skill, I promise to make it up to you. I will not stop till a kid like you get what you deserve. I may not be in the best position to do so, but trust me to use my persuasive powers to lure mommies, specially the first timers, to the pro-natural method of mommyhood. :)