Saturday, March 23, 2013

To Our Dearest Bono

Hi Little Buddy,

I am writing this post just for you. We never really had enough time to talk when you were here, so I wanna take this chance. 

First, Id like to say "Thank you" from the deepest of my heart. You'd taught me and my family wonderful lessons we would never forget for the rest of our lives. You were the answer to my Tri's prayers. You were the one my brother, Jao, waited for years. You helped mellow my husband's temper and you, you just made my day.
We have been waiting for you since November. Tri and I were on a very tight deal. I promised to bring you home as soon as we know he will finish this school year with honor. He was determined and brought home two (2) awards--Top 4 and "Batang Masikap". He didn't fail us, so his Dad and I made sure we'll get you first thing in the morning.

We first spoke to your owner online, through an ad posting. The moment Tri saw your face, he began jumping. He was excited, put his console down, and pointed you on the screen repeatedly. That was the time I knew my son was serious about you. Hubby and I contacted your "father". We talked about how adorable you are and how we wanted you with Tri. Your "father" was easy to talk to, answered quickly and was so proud of your two months milestones. He said you are just the right one for us! In perfect good shape, low maintenance, and very loving. He even wanted to give you right away, he slashed off a couple of $$$. We were all excited!

Tri and I woke up last Tuesday morning with both exceptionally wide smiles on our faces. Jao and Hubby first met you and took you shopping before finally bringing you home. When we saw you, my heart stopped for a while. Tri, on the other hand, could not decide whether to jump right at you, or hug you, or pat your head! You two look soooooooo adorable! You were just as loving and as perfectly shaped as how you were described. We love you the first day we met you.You were very shy at first, opting to stay inside your new cage hubby bought you. You sat, bent your head down, and I heard you gagged. I panicked and saw you vomited on your cage, though I assured myself that you were just tired from your trip. We took you out and hubby bathed you. I noticed you panicked too! I made a mental note you're gonna hate baths forever! :) 

It was then that we noticed some tiny black dots on your caramel fur. Jao double checked and saw what we thought was a tick. I immediately ordered that you be brought to the vet for a general check up. 

You came back after an hour, with some prescriptions from the doctor and an appointment for your next visit. It appeared it was just normal. We took you out for your #1 and #2, which you did both. We spent a very good time playing and sharing a lot of TLC! You and Tri were inseparable! But I was still worried. You seemed to withdraw from us for a few times, just sitting in the corner or just simply passing out. We thought it was normal and I joked about you mastering the act of "playing dead" quite fast!

I swore to God I shouldn't have made that joke.

That same night, we made a couple of alarmed calls to your vet, describing your current state, the absurd seven times you threw up with clear fluid, your refusal to eat anything offered to you and your continued shyness. We were told "That's ok. Hes adjusting. Just give him Mondex and he should be good by tomorrow."

Wednesday came. I woke up quite early to see you already up inside your cage. Your eyes were too eager when you saw me, though you never made an effort to bark or howl, or whichever way you guys do it. I checked your crib and saw you never touched your food, but you're out of water. I figured you were quite thirsty. I woke up Jao and asked to take you out for your #1 when I saw that yellow stain on your bedding. After thorough inspection, we found out it was your #2, with a blood smear. Frantic, I woke hubby up and told him what I saw. He promised me he'll take you to the clinic as soon as it opens. 

My nerve has never calmed since I left home to work. I made several calls making sure you were doing ok. Jao told me, you had another #2, but stopped vomiting. I thought it was good news. My time at work was consumed finding articles about your situation. The other half of the world wide web was telling me you were in a pretty bad shape. The other half told me, it'll pass. SOP in other words. I wasn't contented. I searched help via my childhood friend Carmel, who turns out to be a real expert on this case, since she had the same experience with her first baby. Until I remembered which pup she was talking about--her first shih tzu, Chuchay, who died just recently.

The day didn't go very well and I received a couple of bad strikes. You relieved yourself more than ten (10) times just in the morning. You were too weak, you couldn't even look up. You were already tick infested and that you have contracted a virus. The worst I've heard was that, the situation was too bad, even confinement wouldn't be able to save you. 

I asked myself, Was it something we did during your first day? 

The answer was NO.

You had been sick and weak even before you were sold to us. Your original owner lied about your health. You had been kept together with other animals from where you could have gotten the virus. We were not informed. We were tricked. We were scammed. Your original owner even refused to answer any of our texts or calls.

All four of us spent the entire Wednesday trying to make you comfortable, while trying to keep our hopes up. It was around 4:30pm, our helper called and said you were gone. 

Bono, up to this day, my heart and soul are weeping for your loss. We all cried our hearts out. I tried to explain things to Tri. He was, in my observation, traumatized. Refusing to talk about you or look at your pictures, then asking for you the very moment he opened his eyes in the morning. He called your name one night and said "I miss you, Bono" before going to sleep. 

It was one of the most painful thing to ever happen in my family, next to the death of my Dad. I could not accept the fact that you couldn't stay any longer with us. I was dumbfounded. I was numb for a couple of days. But i don't wanna hold you back in this place. I want you to run!

Run, Bono!

Run to the rainbow bridge! Don't look back, just run! 

I swear when you reach that place, you're never gonna be sick. You'll be happy with other pets. You'll be as lively as you were before we met you. I swear you're never gonna have to experience whatever it was you went through before you left. 

You're already a part of my family and I swore to fight for the rights you were never given. I swear to help your brothers and sisters to attain what is best for all of you. 

I won't fail you, like I did when you were ours. 

That will be our deal. Just the two of us. I won't let you down this time.

We love you and we'll see each other soon. 

All the love from us,