Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tri Goes To Tarlac - Day 2 (JRG Resort)

Oct 18, 2012.

Welcome to JRG Resort
A few days before this trip pushed through, we went through a series of changes. Change of plans,change of venue, change of IT, change of activities--I'm not really comfortable with it. Partly because I am an OC and the other half, I'm not quite sure. I just know that I am not the type of person who likes last minute changes (well, who does, anyway?)

Anyway, it was originally plan to go on nature tripping for our day 2. We were supposed to go to the eco-park located in San Jose, Tarlac for the kids to enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen circumstances, some of the people initially included on the IT backed out. I understand their reasons, however, them backing out means revision on our ITs. Our activities, even if very simple, were all planned by headcount. We had to cancel our jeepney service for the eco-park actvity as well as our dine out at the famous Tessie's Grills and Roasters and we had to reorganize the schedule for the 2nd day.

Lucky for us, we have two locals on our team. Mark and Renee decided to bring the kids somewhere we know they would enjoy--swimming.

Tri in his cute blue diving suit ready to jump in the water!

This is our moment--Mommy-baby moment :)

They'll definitely look good together 20 years from now..

ze girls... with Tri 

My precious boys! Oh, I love this picture!
This is the entire gang c/o hubby.

Well-planned or not, what makes this trip so special is the effort exerted to make it happen. I thank my friends for being so supportive, so enthusiastic and so eager to give each other the kind of childhood joy we talked about resulting to this vacation. We were all carefree, we didn't mind pulling extra bills out of our pockets, nobody's hungry and everyone's appetite was pacified. Best of all, the smiles on our kids' faces are incomparable to any smile we've seen in a while. 

The trip was worth all the planning, all the research, the misunderstanding, the miscalculations and over/underestimations. 

This is the kind of experience I want Tri to remember. Not too fancy, but enjoyable. 

Something good to remember.