Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tri Goes to Tarlac - Day 1(Isdaan)

     One weekend morning in the office, my friends and I are just reminiscing what we miss the most of our childhood. Mark, Renee, Alecx and I shared old stories as we enjoy each a cup of coffee and some freshly baked pan de sal. Alecx said "Na-miss ko yung feeling na gigising ka sa umaga medyo malamig pa hangin" (I miss the feeling of waking up in the cold mornings). Mark replied, "Sa amin, ganun pa din. Masarap pa din gumising sa umaga kapag nandun." (Back at home, you can still feel that. Early mornings are great.)

     And it all started there.

     We all decided to go to Tarlac--Renee and Mark's hometown.

     It took us a couple of months at least to finalize the trip. We went researching, reviewing and reading other blogs, getting information from locals and of course asking people we know who have been there. *add a little hint of OC-ness*

      This is a major milestone for my entire family as this is the first time we went out of town.

     We agreed to leave at 7am, Oct 17, 2012. We were all to take public transportation. Renee and Mark went a day ahead as they both lived there. The newly weds, Nyok and Yas and my entire fam met at the Jac Liner terminal in EDSA. The bus left at 7:30 if I remember it correctly. Alecx and KC did not make it to the 7:30am trip but took the next trip right away.

*Tri and yours truly, before departure. 

First on our itinerary was the Isdaan at Gerona, Tarlac. We arrived at 11am and we are all starving.
*Welcome to Isdaan! Hubby, Tri, my brother Jao and Yas
Tri took this photo:
Nyok and Yas

     Isdaan is also brought by the same people behind Barrio Fiesta. The place is a combination of restaurant, park with different themes and a little of the nature trip. We were able to secure one side of the pavilion. Mark and Renee's families arrived almost at the same time. 

This is our pavilion, set of 3 tables.

     Out of hunger, we not only ordered the expensive ones, but we also failed to capture pictures of the food. Anyway, we ordered hubby's special request--Crispy Pata, the ladies' choice sinigang na hipon, Alecx's request adobong pusit, pinakbet, and some other dish I wasn't able to taste as it was on the other tables. We made a mental note to choose the bundle or package menu the next time. :) Anyway, we were all so full. 

That's Alecx wearing black :)

     It was a bright sunny day and the weather cooperated as much as I wanted it to cooperate so even if it was two in the afternoon, we had fun with our photo ops under the sun.

WARNING: Photo Overload!

The entire restaurant is actually floating on 4-6ft deep of water, hence the need for my boy to wear the orange life jackets. And on those water are these:

I can feel that someday, Tri's gonna thank me for this:
Yui (Renee's daughter) and Tri--aren't they cute together? :)


I call this faucet inception :D and they're all working! 

This is the famous Unggoyan Challenge.

Everybody enjoyed feeding the kois! 
Oh! the joy of being a kid again :)

Tri's favorite shot. Did he get lost in Bangkok? :D
Who's that? SPIDEY!

And of course, the Angry Birds. He still isn't over yet with the Angry Birds mania.
That's his Angry Birds face. And that blue fella, he named "Combo"

Our group behind the Tacsiyapo wall.
 *From left to right: Yas, Mark, Shiela  and baby Sam, Renee , Yui, Kian, Mhe-Ann, KC, Alecx, Jao, me, Tri and hubby Jan.

That is the face of contentment!
Tri with the fish food at hand. 

     Our day did not end there. We all went to Mark's place to chill, eat and well...make fun of ourselves! As this has been a very delayed post, I am not sure if we do have photos of that afternoon activity. I'll try to look for some and maybe update this post. Maybe. :)

     But I'll be posting the second day of our Tarlac Vacay next time! :) 

*photos c/o of Nyok. 
All other unmarked pictures are from our trusted Sony digicam and hubby's HTC phone.