Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturdate with Girlfriends

Excuse my super delayed post...

When: Dec 1, 2012
What: My Pre-birthday Celebration with Girlfriends
Where: Eastwood City

2012 came like a blur. Things happened so fast and before I knew it, it was already December. And December means, my birthday!

Ok, so I am such a sucker for whatever celebration, even my own birthday. On any normal circumstances that I have to do something to be festive, I always end up taking my family to a mall or to dine out. That is my idea of celebration. But I believe time and people managed to change that. Even just for once.

My friend Angela came up with an idea to have a full body massage weeks before my big day (and we didn't even thought of doing it for that purpose!). Well anyway, it was a last minute plan. I received a text from Angela Friday night while I was on my way home confirming our Saturdate with my alter ego, Myra. 

Came Saturday afternoon, there was a heavy flow of traffic and I was getting anxious to get to Eastwood on time (I do not like the thought of people waiting for me). Well, I made it just a couple of minutes after 5pm and I was surprised to see that even Jha, despite of her busy mommy life, managed to sneak! :)

You know what they say about unplanned things being the most memorable? Well, we kind of took that too personal. So there really was no particular plan for the day. The only definite part was, of course, the body massage.

Our first stop:

This spa is located just a few meters away from our workplace in Eastwood. Angela went there earlier that day to check out their offered services so we already have ideas on what we should get. I opted for the Manhattan full body massage with oil. 

We were greeted by a very hospitable employee. I wasn't able to get her name. But i can still remember her face. She's very nice and accommodating, always smiling and was never tired of answering our non-sense questions. She's even too nice to volunteer to take our pictures. :) 

We kind of fail on this category :D

The place is quite small--which I kind of already expect from a place located in an Eastwood mall. There are two rooms on the ground floor and I think another two upstairs, each with two beds inside. I think they put on dividers to accommodate customers who came in alone. Anyway, when we arrived, the spa was almost empty except for one room. Myra, who chose the Balinese full body massage w/o the oil, and Jha, who copied my choice were ushered to one of the rooms on the ground floor. Angela and I went upstairs. She asked for the Manhattan massage as well.

The room was too cramped, in my opinion. It can fit two beds, yes, but it restricts the movements of the masseuses. There was no shower room or at least some sort of a covered corner where one can undress and put on the boxer shorts (which by the way was too big and cannot be adjusted to fit on my waist). I remember using a rubber band to tie an end of the shorts so it won't fall off. 

I was beginning to doubt if relaxation is what we came there for. But my doubts and worries are washed away by the calming effect of my masseuse's hands working on my back. Again, I did not get her name, but she is really professional. She would ask a couple of questions before starting and made sure her client is well relaxed. The pressure of her hands and fingers were just fine for my aching back and legs. Ugh--writing about it makes me wanna go back and have another session!

Anyway, the massage took 1hr. 45minutes for the actual massage and the remaining 15 minutes for resting. The resting part, was kind of another disappointment. Since I mentioned there was no shower room, then there was no option to wash the oil from our body but to use a towel damped in warm water. It was fine, but i would still prefer a nice warm shower.

We went strolling looking for a place to eat. It was a Saturday night, so almost every resto in Eastwood are full--if not too expensive for our taste. After a couple of minutes walking, some celebrity rundown and sight seeing, we settled down on:

Picture-picture while waiting for our order :)

Janice and yours truly...

Myra and Angela

I like hanging around people who are never shy of their appetite, not too choosy with food, do not go for the expensive, fine dining restos. So this is what we ordered: 

The Bicolandia something... it was delish! and just the right amount for hungry girls!

My birthday cake! custard cheese cake. I love love love love it! I ate half of it :D

After we ate, there was a fireworks display. And my girlfriends joked, they had it timed. Well, it was perfectly timed! :)

What is oily face after the massage???

At around past 9pm, they walked me back to our office, since, aside from being a sucker at celebrating, I am a sucker on work schedules. I don't really have nice weekends or holidays compared to the other ladies--but I am not complaining. I am already used to it. I have a 10pm shift that weeknight so we bid goodbye and promised to meet again for another girls night out.

I was so happy that I was able to do things that I don't get to experience for quite a while--to have a relaxing massage and dine out with my friends. Sometimes, I think my busy life as a full time working mom limits my time for my other source of happiness. Yes, I am very happy with the kind of life I have with my family and my job, but the time with the people who also became a part of your family is something different. It's a different form of a happy pill, you know. A different dosage, different kick!

Well, my day did not end there. My team mates, Chad, Mark and Daddy Fred surprised me with some sweet treats:

Pink buttered cake. the pink coin purse behind is from Angela. looks sweet enough to eat too!

My favorite! I appreciate people who can remember little things about me, because yes, this is my favorite!

Belated--I honestly don't know what age I am now--happy birthday to me! TYL! :)

TYL for that special day.

TYL for the time well spent.

TYL for a good weather.

TYL for the friends who remembered.