Saturday, December 22, 2012

Random Nothings...

Just a thought, both my blog and my twitter account should have come with a warning label that says: "Read at your own risk" or "your head might explode, beware", stuff like that. But sometimes, I want it more specific like "Can you read between the lines?" or "You should get this by now.".

People nowadays are reading things too literally that sometimes, they tend to give what they read different meanings. I don't know if that is really how they read it, or they want it interpreted that way or they are way too guilty they wanna alter the universe..

My last non-parenting post caused quite a stir, which was exactly what I've thought the people concerned would react. Although I didn't expect it to be soooooooo over-rated. Gosh! Like I always say, I take full responsibility of what I wrote, but not of your interpretations. That is your mind making up your own conclusions. 

Well, in my opinion, a write up which causes stir, serves its purpose well. Now I know how irrational some people are... Oh, well, like that would stop me from writing anymore?

Sorry, reading might not be your forte. And for that, I pity you.