Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tri's 4th Birthday @ QC Memorial Circle

       Hi everyone! I'm gonna try to be back at this pace. I have neglected blogging as much as I neglect having my foot scrubbed in a spa. Jeeeez!

     This post is waaaaaaaaaaaay overdue, but I still wanna share this special occasion we had last May 2012--Tri's birthday!

     Remember when I mentioned I really am not a festive person? Well, yeah. I still am not. So, I had to go to my trusted lifelines a.k.a Tri's godmothers to get ideas. His past three birthdays are all indoors. Malling, eating out, party at home were the usual setup. I got tired of that. They're not as fun as I thought it was for my kid. And besides, I want my son to experience a meaningful childhood.

     Then BAAAAM!

     Ideas are racing, brainstorming, researching, googling... voila!

     We are for the outdoor fun! 

     My gang consists of my brood (hubby, my borther, and Tri), my trusty lifelines (Alecx and Mela), my work buddy (Chad) and his 5-year old nephew (Dan-dan). 

     See how few people we only asked to come with us? I'll tell that on another post. It's a different story.


     Planning is always a big challenge for me. Not that it is physically hard to do, but I am quite an annoying planner. I've always want it perfect, even just on papers. But you see, the best moments in our life are not always well thought, right? 

     The first idea was to bring the little boy to the La Mesa Eco Park located on the far end of Quezon City. But it would be a hassle for most of us since we are just simple people who likes commuting via public transportation. 

     So we decided on a much affordable, hassle-free route and brought Tri to the Quezon City Circle. 

     Quezon City Circle (Quezon Memorial Circle) is a national park located on the very heart of Philippines' former capital. It is known to be a place for health buffs, family picnics, school tour stop overs and children's playground. It is a way to escape from the overly polluted city inside the city (confusing huh?) 

     Well, anyway, there is no itinerary for the said date. Just have fun all day, eat with friends, chat and play! Everything a kid and kid at heart could ask for. 

     My friends are generous enough to chip in for the food (okay, I might have hinted about that on them). Mela and Alecx ordered a big bilao of pancit malabon with all the crazy toppings, Chad cooked the always present on all occasions lumpiang shanghai and we brought the cake and drinks. Very simple, yet very fulfilling. 

     After eating, we headed to the park that is much child-friendly and settled on one of the benches. I was happy the sun cooperated that day and the rain decided not to bother this b!tchy mom inside me. :) 

      Tri had a good time and was all over the place! 

Run, Tri, run!

With Dan-dan and his Uncle Jao.

"I wanna go there" - face

What's his favorite part?


     At about 4 or 5pm, we called it a day and promised to do the outing again. Soon. We all had fun. It was exhausting. It was energy consuming. We had a good laugh. We bonded. Tri felt very special and most of all,  my extended family a.k.a friends never let us down, at any task, big or small, they are always supportive. I love these guys because they love my family!

From the top: Alecx, me, hubby and Tri.
Bottom: Mela, Chad, Dan-dan and Jao

Did I say we had fun?

Yes, we did!

Inside the cab, I thought Tri was saying his prayers :)

Nah...He was just soooo tired!

Note: Most of the pictures are c/o Chad. Those that look less professional are from our trusty Sony Cybershot camera.