Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Thoughts On Early Schooling

        This year, hubby and I are overwhelmed with joy to see Tri's progress as a child. He turned 4 last May and had him enrolled at a Day Care center came June. I was scared at first. I mean, he just turned 4. Isn't he a little "less equipped" than the others. 


Don't get me wrong. I am not underestimating my son's intelligence, I just do not want him mixed with kids that are out of his league. I was hesitant to do it because I made a promise to myself he'll start school at age 5 and by then I am already a SAHM. I was hesitant because I am not sure if Tri would like the thought of him having to wake up early every morning to go to class. But hubby was determined. Weeks before the school started, hubby brought our boy to the day care facility and had him evaluated to see if he could fit in. 

Boy--was he not only fitting in. He was excelling! 

     The first day of school was the toughest for me. Good thing, I was on my day off at the time and I got the chance to be with him during his first day as a student. It was nice to watch him interact with other kids. It was funny because he is still not yet well versed in Filipino that time but he was coping with the lessons. It was amazing to see your own little child raise his hands or volunteer to write something on the board or yell the correct answer to the teacher's question--it was priceless! And even better that we get to hear the teacher's feedback or other parent's feedback about him. He was always praised. His teacher loves him and the other parents think he's an awesome kid way advanced for his age. The only time we thought it was a bad decision was when my hubby overheard some of the mothers talking about "an English-speaking boy in class with an overly protected mother" who this one mother nudged and that she never bothered to say sorry. Sort of a fake story to boast about. My husband thought that those mothers are talking about me, even though I have verified the story and informed him that I never crossed paths with those women, he felt obliged and switched Tri to another class--an afternoon class--which I thought was a smarter move. It was even better. 


    Everyday, my son would go home with the biggest smile on his face and a bag of freshly made popcorn or siomai in a cup. He'll run to the door and scream "Mommy! Very good me!" and will show his arm with a stamp that shows a star or the words "Very Good" or "Good". He is even talking more Filipino but still understand English when spoke to. He is learning his basic math on his own and he's developing his social skills more.

     It is a heavenly feeling! You don't always get to have that "proud mommy" moments at this age, but Tri makes sure not to fail me. 

     I still could not say if Tri can keep up with his school boy-over achiever-spirit as early as this, but I am always crossing my fingers. So far so good, so maybe we'll continue whatever it is that we are doing to motivate him and hopefully, this would bring something good by the end of school year. It could be a tough journey for all of us but I trust my son's ability that he could do it! Aja Tri! Keep it up! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you :)