Saturday, November 17, 2012

Best Buddies!

      As a mom, to see my child happily sharing his time with another kid, is one precious moment. It keeps my mood light and makes my smile a little wider than usual. I value my son's ability to socialize. I think it is one of the traits he never got from me. It's his dad's. It never become difficult for him to get along well with people--with different age and gender. 

     The closest to him is hubby's 3-year old cousin, Jeeven (which makes him Tri's uncle). They had been playmates ever since they could crawl and walk--if you know what I mean. 

     Sadly, some time in June, they moved further south of the country to stay for good. Tri never said he didn't want Jeeven to move, but he would often ask "Sa'an Jeeven punta?" (Where is he going?) which we would answer "Going home" and to which he would reply "Home dito e..." (But this is his home...) with a little bit of frustration on his tone. He never understand our explanation. Or maybe he just don't wanna agree with it. I know, I have a stubborn and strong willed kid!

     Anyway, the day of their flight, Tri, together with his Dad and the rest of their cousins drove Jeeven and his family (sister Athena and Mom) to the airport. And before leaving, they headed to what seems to be the boys' last meal together. (ok, that's an exaggeration).

They both love chicken from McDo!

Fighting for everybody's attention

Best buddies :) 

     Looking at them made me reminisce. 

    I was once the half of a duo. The other one is a girl named Carmel. We've known each other since kindergarten and have always been in the same class (except Grade 2) until senior high school. We've always been together until we reached college and decided to take our own paths. I went to a state university and she enrolled on a private school. She got a boyfriend, flew to US, we lost contact and that's it. And now, we are almost strangers to ourselves. The last time I remembered we talked was the year of 2008, months before I gave birth to Tri. She was supposed to be my son's second mom. I don't know what went wrong along the way... Well, there was one incident which we had forgiven ourselves. But after that reconciliation, we're back to being...strangers. Suddenly, there was no effort whatsoever from either of our ends to maybe meet up or just talk on the phone. We chatted a while on friendster, but my last reply, she didn't answer. 

     I don't know. Maybe, we're just not the same teenagers who can act silly again. To be honest, I miss her so much. It wasn't easy letting go of the habits I have acquired over the past decade with her--more was it not easy to let go of those fun memories we've shared. Pretty disappointing to just waste a great friendship like the one we had. But, I have come to respect our unspoken decision to keep our distance. We are now living different lives. This is not like high school that we need each other's help to catch up with teenage life crises. We need to be apart to learn how to survive in this jungle. We need to learn how to swim in the vast ocean of problems. But I know that one day, we'll end up on the same island, drenched with experience and tired of other people's BS. One day, we'll both have the courage to start another conversation then maybe finally decide to continue where we left off.

      It could happen.

      It will happen.

Update: After I wrote this, I decided to take the risk and looked for Carmel on twitter and found her! We are now on speaking terms, catching up and promised to see each other real soon. As I tried to end this post the last time, "It could happen, it will happen, it is now happening." Looking forward to lots of bonding! :) TYL!