Saturday, November 24, 2012

Puppy Love :)


     November is already nearing its end! Time indeed flies by. And just a week and few days from now, December is gonna start. My, oh, my! Where have you been 2012?

     Well, anyway, one little boy I know is a lot more excited than usual. He'd been jumping up and down and giving me all these encouraging looks. *winking of the eyes* *eyebrows moving* *wide smile* *flaring nostrils*.

     Alright, Tri wants a pet--particulary, a dog for Christmas. 

     It all started with one episode of the Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan on Nat Geo. 

*image taken via Google search

     I was hesitant. Hubby had been bugging me about that a couple of years ago. He told me he'd want a dog as a pet for us. I told him we can't because both him and Tri suffer from asthma and I'm not sure if having one at home would worsen their case. I also grew up in a house with only the lizard on the ceiling as our pet. 


    The house where we live in today are not so pet friendly either. Well, there are two dogs both are chained, one even inside a big cage. There's also a black cat, which was also tied (weird, I know). Then there are chickens and birds... but they are not really... how should I put it--well, I think they are neglected. The canine friends kind of smell sometimes. I do not know if they're even given baths. I know that they are being taken out every morning for their "poo-poo" time and that's it. Not sure if they are even walked for exercise. I'm not really sure, I just know that this place is not that kind of place to grow a lovely being. 

     Hubby even suggested Tri to get a goldfish instead, since he had so much fun feeding the Kois on one of our trips. 

Large kois from Isdaan (Gerona, Tarlac)

     Tri argued: "I can't hug fish".

     Point made--well made.

    We are currently looking into it. Hubby and I are still studying our pro's and cons. We are also looking into particular breeds that we can get that's not too active--if you know what I mean. Tri and I are already agreeing on a type of bulldog. But hubby is already checking the PAWS facebook page for possible adoption. I'm Googling my brains out...

     Suddenly, the child me in me is starting to feel the Christmas fever! 

     It's official. I am already in love with the french bulldog. Oh so cute puppy! Love, puppy! 

*Image c/o Wikipedia

     Yup! I want one for Christmas! :) 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Best Buddies!

      As a mom, to see my child happily sharing his time with another kid, is one precious moment. It keeps my mood light and makes my smile a little wider than usual. I value my son's ability to socialize. I think it is one of the traits he never got from me. It's his dad's. It never become difficult for him to get along well with people--with different age and gender. 

     The closest to him is hubby's 3-year old cousin, Jeeven (which makes him Tri's uncle). They had been playmates ever since they could crawl and walk--if you know what I mean. 

     Sadly, some time in June, they moved further south of the country to stay for good. Tri never said he didn't want Jeeven to move, but he would often ask "Sa'an Jeeven punta?" (Where is he going?) which we would answer "Going home" and to which he would reply "Home dito e..." (But this is his home...) with a little bit of frustration on his tone. He never understand our explanation. Or maybe he just don't wanna agree with it. I know, I have a stubborn and strong willed kid!

     Anyway, the day of their flight, Tri, together with his Dad and the rest of their cousins drove Jeeven and his family (sister Athena and Mom) to the airport. And before leaving, they headed to what seems to be the boys' last meal together. (ok, that's an exaggeration).

They both love chicken from McDo!

Fighting for everybody's attention

Best buddies :) 

     Looking at them made me reminisce. 

    I was once the half of a duo. The other one is a girl named Carmel. We've known each other since kindergarten and have always been in the same class (except Grade 2) until senior high school. We've always been together until we reached college and decided to take our own paths. I went to a state university and she enrolled on a private school. She got a boyfriend, flew to US, we lost contact and that's it. And now, we are almost strangers to ourselves. The last time I remembered we talked was the year of 2008, months before I gave birth to Tri. She was supposed to be my son's second mom. I don't know what went wrong along the way... Well, there was one incident which we had forgiven ourselves. But after that reconciliation, we're back to being...strangers. Suddenly, there was no effort whatsoever from either of our ends to maybe meet up or just talk on the phone. We chatted a while on friendster, but my last reply, she didn't answer. 

     I don't know. Maybe, we're just not the same teenagers who can act silly again. To be honest, I miss her so much. It wasn't easy letting go of the habits I have acquired over the past decade with her--more was it not easy to let go of those fun memories we've shared. Pretty disappointing to just waste a great friendship like the one we had. But, I have come to respect our unspoken decision to keep our distance. We are now living different lives. This is not like high school that we need each other's help to catch up with teenage life crises. We need to be apart to learn how to survive in this jungle. We need to learn how to swim in the vast ocean of problems. But I know that one day, we'll end up on the same island, drenched with experience and tired of other people's BS. One day, we'll both have the courage to start another conversation then maybe finally decide to continue where we left off.

      It could happen.

      It will happen.

Update: After I wrote this, I decided to take the risk and looked for Carmel on twitter and found her! We are now on speaking terms, catching up and promised to see each other real soon. As I tried to end this post the last time, "It could happen, it will happen, it is now happening." Looking forward to lots of bonding! :) TYL!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

It Occurred To Me...

When I thought of a friend, I always see someone laughing his/her lungs out with me and my sarcastic comments. I see a person who would punch me in the gut and smile. I always see the same kind of person who listens to my craziness, gives his/her honest opinion and calls me crazy and stupid right in my face. 

Anyone who knows me would agree that I may be just describing another me. They may be right about that. But then again, they may be wrong. 

Aristotle once said, "What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies."

During the course of 2012, I've become much aware of where my other selves are. I found out, I have a few. Only a few. That disappointed me a little. Because I once welcomed the thought of seeing more than a dozen me. I questioned myself, where are the others? What happened? 

Flash back March 2012, in a heated argument between my husband and his mom, I vented out on my private twitter account which one of my SILs is a follower. My tweet was addressed to no one in particular and is more of a b!tch fit than anything else. She reacted. I reacted. She took my words real bad. I did not stop. She unfollowed. The hell I care, I wasn't even following her in the first place. I changed my profile settings to public. Go stalk!

Anyway, in the middle of my b!tching, one of these bodies where I thought my soul once landed, dodged the bullets, perhaps convinced the others that I have gone overboard and that I am a total nut, stopped communicating and all that. At first, I felt bad for myself. I asked why do I have to lose a part of me due to my uncontrolled mouth? I questioned my negativity and forced myself to positive vibes.

It didn't feel quite right though. 

A month went by and I thought it was back to normal. 

Then came April 2012. There was an event. A beautiful milestone of a couple. I was there to witness it. I was so happy, I started babbling non-sense. I do that when I wanna hide my happiness and excitement. Out of nowhere, I said something that caused a tick to the same body who dodged the bullet a month back, got pissed, commented over the table, fired back, I made another silly joke, rolled her eyes. 

I collected myself and said "That's it. That's not me. I do not belong in this kind of crowd."

That time, I could only count 2 me's. I was kind of brokenhearted in a way, because I have expected these people to understand what I was saying and read between the lines of my script. Apparently, they aren't that type. They are the type who'd rather have ME listen to their own lines and NOT to oppose it or do my ad libs. That is not my kind of show. 

A couple of silent months after, I regained my strength and felt another body with my soul still intact. I let her hear me, she listened, made fun of my assessments, laughed, called me crazy and expressed her own sentiments. Luckily, we are on the same page and even commented "Gosh that took you how long to figure that out?" I noticed I am irritated with the same language I'm fluent in--sarcasm. Kidding aside, I realized it's better this way. Two more different versions of you is good enough kick in the ass. Although I wasn't sure if they feel the same. But I am positive. Part of my soul drifted on their bodies and opted to stay. I can feel the connection. 

Writing this, I realized, there are other bodies who might throw spears at me. Yes, parts of me drifted a long time ago, I'd almost forgotten them. I got too excited of exploring other minds that I've almost omitted them. I'm glad that shook me. Otherwise, I may still be fooling myself of these bodies that never really wanna have my soul with them. I'm glad I was awakened. And I'm glad to know I may not have a dozen or two friends, at least I have few true ones who I can be the real me. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Thoughts On Early Schooling

        This year, hubby and I are overwhelmed with joy to see Tri's progress as a child. He turned 4 last May and had him enrolled at a Day Care center came June. I was scared at first. I mean, he just turned 4. Isn't he a little "less equipped" than the others. 


Don't get me wrong. I am not underestimating my son's intelligence, I just do not want him mixed with kids that are out of his league. I was hesitant to do it because I made a promise to myself he'll start school at age 5 and by then I am already a SAHM. I was hesitant because I am not sure if Tri would like the thought of him having to wake up early every morning to go to class. But hubby was determined. Weeks before the school started, hubby brought our boy to the day care facility and had him evaluated to see if he could fit in. 

Boy--was he not only fitting in. He was excelling! 

     The first day of school was the toughest for me. Good thing, I was on my day off at the time and I got the chance to be with him during his first day as a student. It was nice to watch him interact with other kids. It was funny because he is still not yet well versed in Filipino that time but he was coping with the lessons. It was amazing to see your own little child raise his hands or volunteer to write something on the board or yell the correct answer to the teacher's question--it was priceless! And even better that we get to hear the teacher's feedback or other parent's feedback about him. He was always praised. His teacher loves him and the other parents think he's an awesome kid way advanced for his age. The only time we thought it was a bad decision was when my hubby overheard some of the mothers talking about "an English-speaking boy in class with an overly protected mother" who this one mother nudged and that she never bothered to say sorry. Sort of a fake story to boast about. My husband thought that those mothers are talking about me, even though I have verified the story and informed him that I never crossed paths with those women, he felt obliged and switched Tri to another class--an afternoon class--which I thought was a smarter move. It was even better. 


    Everyday, my son would go home with the biggest smile on his face and a bag of freshly made popcorn or siomai in a cup. He'll run to the door and scream "Mommy! Very good me!" and will show his arm with a stamp that shows a star or the words "Very Good" or "Good". He is even talking more Filipino but still understand English when spoke to. He is learning his basic math on his own and he's developing his social skills more.

     It is a heavenly feeling! You don't always get to have that "proud mommy" moments at this age, but Tri makes sure not to fail me. 

     I still could not say if Tri can keep up with his school boy-over achiever-spirit as early as this, but I am always crossing my fingers. So far so good, so maybe we'll continue whatever it is that we are doing to motivate him and hopefully, this would bring something good by the end of school year. It could be a tough journey for all of us but I trust my son's ability that he could do it! Aja Tri! Keep it up! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you :) 

Tri's 4th Birthday @ QC Memorial Circle

       Hi everyone! I'm gonna try to be back at this pace. I have neglected blogging as much as I neglect having my foot scrubbed in a spa. Jeeeez!

     This post is waaaaaaaaaaaay overdue, but I still wanna share this special occasion we had last May 2012--Tri's birthday!

     Remember when I mentioned I really am not a festive person? Well, yeah. I still am not. So, I had to go to my trusted lifelines a.k.a Tri's godmothers to get ideas. His past three birthdays are all indoors. Malling, eating out, party at home were the usual setup. I got tired of that. They're not as fun as I thought it was for my kid. And besides, I want my son to experience a meaningful childhood.

     Then BAAAAM!

     Ideas are racing, brainstorming, researching, googling... voila!

     We are for the outdoor fun! 

     My gang consists of my brood (hubby, my borther, and Tri), my trusty lifelines (Alecx and Mela), my work buddy (Chad) and his 5-year old nephew (Dan-dan). 

     See how few people we only asked to come with us? I'll tell that on another post. It's a different story.


     Planning is always a big challenge for me. Not that it is physically hard to do, but I am quite an annoying planner. I've always want it perfect, even just on papers. But you see, the best moments in our life are not always well thought, right? 

     The first idea was to bring the little boy to the La Mesa Eco Park located on the far end of Quezon City. But it would be a hassle for most of us since we are just simple people who likes commuting via public transportation. 

     So we decided on a much affordable, hassle-free route and brought Tri to the Quezon City Circle. 

     Quezon City Circle (Quezon Memorial Circle) is a national park located on the very heart of Philippines' former capital. It is known to be a place for health buffs, family picnics, school tour stop overs and children's playground. It is a way to escape from the overly polluted city inside the city (confusing huh?) 

     Well, anyway, there is no itinerary for the said date. Just have fun all day, eat with friends, chat and play! Everything a kid and kid at heart could ask for. 

     My friends are generous enough to chip in for the food (okay, I might have hinted about that on them). Mela and Alecx ordered a big bilao of pancit malabon with all the crazy toppings, Chad cooked the always present on all occasions lumpiang shanghai and we brought the cake and drinks. Very simple, yet very fulfilling. 

     After eating, we headed to the park that is much child-friendly and settled on one of the benches. I was happy the sun cooperated that day and the rain decided not to bother this b!tchy mom inside me. :) 

      Tri had a good time and was all over the place! 

Run, Tri, run!

With Dan-dan and his Uncle Jao.

"I wanna go there" - face

What's his favorite part?


     At about 4 or 5pm, we called it a day and promised to do the outing again. Soon. We all had fun. It was exhausting. It was energy consuming. We had a good laugh. We bonded. Tri felt very special and most of all,  my extended family a.k.a friends never let us down, at any task, big or small, they are always supportive. I love these guys because they love my family!

From the top: Alecx, me, hubby and Tri.
Bottom: Mela, Chad, Dan-dan and Jao

Did I say we had fun?

Yes, we did!

Inside the cab, I thought Tri was saying his prayers :)

Nah...He was just soooo tired!

Note: Most of the pictures are c/o Chad. Those that look less professional are from our trusty Sony Cybershot camera.