Saturday, June 9, 2012


I've been MIA for quite a while. I don't know, I'm just not into writing lately. Well, I've been pretty hooked up with Twitter :D Okay, that was the truth. The only blogging I can do for every 30-minute break at work, is tweeting. As soon as I hit home, I spend few hours just talking with hubby or Tri. They like conversations and I try to avoid going online--which I thought was good specially in this century where everything runs electronically. 

Well, anyway, Tri and I are working into expanding our mini library. Hubby had a hanging cabinet installed for us. It was only half done. We will be working on the paint afterwards, maybe in a couple of months. 

This is Tri's collection:

Yup. He still is a big Cars fan. He's got a variety of materials, though. I have spent hours digging children's books on a second-hand store called Booksale. It was one of my faves since my college days. Tri doesn't mind reading from a hand-me-down book. 

He's got a list of favorites also. He laughed a lot hearing Humpty Dumpty. He recites it with action! :) He likes Five Little Monkeys and thought the doctor was really funny! He enjoys helping Maisy find her panda!

I, on the other hand, have managed to revive my old flame on books. My good collection of paperbacks and hardbounds were all left at home back in the province. I do not know if I would ever have the chance to retrieve it. So, I started collecting again. 

I have so far read a handful of John Grisham novels and a couple of ALIAS, but I stuck with my love for law and court brawls and everything intriguing in the judicial system. I have in our mini library the The Rainmaker, The Pelican Brief, The Firm, A Time To Kill, The Testament, and The Runaway Jury (which I am currently reading). Hubby does not have any problem with my spending on books as long as it wouldn't cost me my own lunch worth of $$$. I told him not to worry. I don't buy new books, anyway. I am a fan of bargains! :)

So, there. The reason why I am MIA was my addiction to twitter and John Grisham.