Thursday, February 9, 2012

Diaper No More

Hi all! I enjoy telling story last time, so Jumbo is back on mom's blog.

Me wanna share something to you, guys. Come on! 

*image taken from Google search

Mom said I've been very good the past month. She said it was because I've been a totally diaper free boy! Coooooooool! See, I stopped using diaper for my wiwi (pee) when I turned 2 and I only ask to have one put on whenever I feel to eh-ehm (poop). And then, the other, other, other, other day before yesterday, I asked Daddy I wanna sit on his potty and ta-dah! I dropped a big stinky bomb. Daddy was so happy, he had Mom call from the office to tell her I pooped big--it was funny! They are so happy about my stinky poop. 
This is me before :) 

So, today, Mom was so happy to celebrate me doing my eh-ehm on the big potty. I was happy too, I made two trips today! 

It's my face saying "Mom, McQueen is a nice reward"

Happy diaper free day for me today! It's been a month so I guess Mom's saving a lot now she can get me more cars and books! Yey!

Well, that's all again for now. I'll let you know if we have another poop celebration coming :)

Done wearing diaper for life,
Tri a.k.a Jumbo

Note from Mom: This post was inspired by imafulltimemummy's post. Go check out her site! She's one the greatest! :)


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Awwww... thanks for the mention! How old is Tri now that he's diaper free? Ben is still on diapers for his ermm-ermm biz but for peeing he can go for his potty.

Good job Tri for the milestone! And for saving mummy & daddy's $$!!!!

thirdy_smom said...

He's turning 4 this May. :) He learned to do his 'thang' just last month! I am so proud of him. Thanks for dropping by :)