Thursday, February 23, 2012

Anniv and V-Day Treat

     Hubby and I are such suckers when it comes to celebration. I admit it, I am not a romantic type of girl. I don't do cheesy notes or prepare candle lit dinner. I don't plan out of town trips, I don't dress up in formals.

     I don't do that. Hubby doesn't either. It's no secret I never receive any flowers from him for the past years we've been together. He's not that type of man. He buys me chocolates--yes, but for him to eat later on. (hahaha!) Well, I don't really mind--at least now. 

     Since we have Tri, we tried to be aware of events that needs to be remembered like Christmas, New year, birthdays, graduation, "first official"'s and just recently Valentines day and our 5th Year anniversary.

     The night of our anniversary, my budget ran a little low. So instead of me buying a sweet treat, I went home empty handed. Hubby on the other hand, tried making his very first Chicken Adobo. And I am telling you, it was a to die for!

Excuse the poor lighting of the picture. :p

Hubby knows only 2 dishes to cook--Pork sinigang and adobo. He never worked on anything chicken (well, aside from fried). He's not comfortable with it. He said he worries about it being stench-y. But this one, he nailed it! :) If only it wasn't dinner time, I would have consumed more than I should for one meal :D

My turn came on the night of Valentines. I am no sweet-tooth so I decided to make a sandwich for hubby--Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich! Talk about Man VS Food episode here! 

You can't say no to this!

     My oh my! I never knew ham sandwich would taste this great! And the cheese melted right inside the bread, forming a little blanket of goodness on the ham! This will definitely be added on my family recipe. Tri wasn't able to taste it since he was already asleep when I made this one. He'd always like  the plain old grilled cheese sandwich, so I guess this one's not gonna be new to him. I haven't recreated this masterpiece yet. But I'll make sure to make some when I got the time to do so.

On added note: I did receive a chocolate this time taped on my locker just like high school days! My workmates said I have an admirer! hahahaha :D

     It was from my dear friend Myra who never fails to give a little token of appreciation to anyone dear to her. Such a sweetie :) Tri devoured the KitKat the next morning. It was gone in like 10 seconds or less.

     All in all, the two occasions went great. We may not celebrate it traditionally, at least we had a nice time at the dining table. I think what's important is not the way it was observed, but the way it will be remembered.

   Thank you hubby for making our time of togetherness worthy. And thank you Myra for always making me feel special.

Signing out with lots of love,


^_^ wReY and R0bbY said...

Ah...ang sweet niyo naman sa isa't isa mehm! sarap ng sandwich at adobo! patikim mo naman yung sandwich sa amin...!!! hehehe...

by the way mehm,
you have won the STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD in our blog.
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Congratulations! ヅ

- wrey

thirdy_smom said...

waaaaaah! award? :) i love awards! Thank you so much

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Aww that's so sweet! We are not big in celebrations too, except when we have kids, Christmas, Chinese New Year and birthdays are more meaningful!

Happy anniversary to you & hubby!

thirdy_smom said...

thank you, Big Sis :) ♥