Monday, January 23, 2012

Pooch-ie's Gotta Go!

I've learned a new word today. 


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I thought the word only refers to dogs?

Ok, so I may be a little outdated on slang terms despite working on a very American environment of BPO industry. (Is that an American word, by the way?) I was at work browsing through the web, hoping to find something good to read when I stumbled upon Ain't No Mom Jeans. I love the blog. It was authored by two awesome stylish Mamas, Shana and Molly. Right from the moment I finished the latest entry, I knew that I'll be drawn to read the entire site. Yey for lots of free time! :)

Sooo, what really is "pooch" and what does it  have to do with ANMJ

It best describes the protruding post-partum belly ALMOST every mom tries to hide. I don't know it by that term. In my world, I call it flab. My co-workers call it "belly bag" (offensive, right?!). I find the site really informative, specially on one thing that has kept me bothered for the past 4 years--mommy fashion and techniques. And yes, most of what I've read emphasizes on concealing the pooch. 

that pooch of mine's gotta go, if not, hidden!

 I'm not even half way and I'm already feeling information overload! But it's the most exciting feeling! Ever!

Tomorrow, when I get to work and bump into someone who usually poke and make fun of my belly, I'll nicely say "Get your f**king hand off my pooch!"

Ain't that cute? :D 


I think it is. 

Well, anyway, I'll be reading more of the blog and squish in more tips in my head for better clothing techniques. Who knows, I may be able to post some pictures if I think the tips work for me!

Who knows...