Sunday, January 15, 2012

It Was Supposed to Be PERFECT!!!

I've spend about an our on that one Korean store trying to look for the best fitting outfit for my figure! I found the one! That lovely checkered knee-length cowboy inspired polo. I am drooling over it! I tried it on and it was PERFECT!


I told the saleslady, I am gonna get it. I asked if she could give me a "stock" not the display one. She said she can. I paid for it and I was elated since it was on sale! I took it home, my mind racing on possible dates I could wear that seemingly perfect blouse!

And then right before I was able to boast my great sale find to hubby, I found this HOLE at the sleeve part, right behind the shoulder area.


I trusted the saleslady, since it is the stock version and not the one on display it should have a better looking quality because it was never fitted on a mannequin or worse got worn by countless women for fitting sake! But hey--that saleslady outwitted me and sold me a damaged one for the same price!

Hubby said I can just have it repaired. He said he wouldn't mind bringing it to an alter shop. I refused. I paid for it. I have the right to get what I paid for. I am going back to that store and ask for them to exchange it or refund my money! If both won't work, I promise to shove that dress on that saleslady's face until I can no longer see any part of her head!!!

Oh, great my beautiful temper!

It was something like this, but knee-length

See, even Google could not find a match! Because it was a special dress that was supposed to be THE PERFECT one for me! I soooooo want it bad :(


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Oh my, poor thing! Hope you're able to get it fix! And yes, we paid for it, we deserve it to be perfect! But then again, being a timid person, I'll most likely ended up sewing and patching it up myself :P

thirdy_smom said...

Hi Jenny,

I went back to that store last night, right after my shift and I had the damaged one exchanged for a new one. :) So I still got my dress! love it

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Yeyy!!! That's good news! I was thinking if they don't replace a new one for you, you could blog and complain about it hahah...!!

thirdy_smom said...

yeah, you got that one right! :) happy I got my replacement. I am so drooling over it