Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hey Mommy, It's Your Birthday!

     Hi everyone! My name is Tri, but I prefer Jumbo. It makes me feel big. Today, I'll be writing for Mommy. She's a little too tired arguing on the phone with some people asking more money for our telephone service. She looks angrier than she was with me whenever I make a mess.

     So, anyway, I think I am old enough to take over her blog for a while. Don't you think?

     I wanna share with you Mommy's birthday celebration last December 3, 2011. She told me it was a surprise party arranged by her girlfriends. I like her friends. They have a very big heart they can make Mom feel happy. She wasn't the happy type of person, believe me. 

     Her reaction was priceless! But she said her friends were much surprised because she didn't get surprised??? Oh--no! I'm confused! 

     Well, anyway my Fabulous Titas made her a personalized sweet treat:

     She also got to eat some pasta and chicken which are both spicy by the way, just the way she likes her food. Then, she got some extra dessert a cassava cake--it was one of her fave kakanin. I wonder who told her friends she loves that?

     Dad was extra happy because Mom gets to celebrate her birthday more than once. The day before, which was Mom's actual birthdate, I helped Dad make some pasta bowl for her and some cake. Then her officemate Tito Nyok bought her a very delicious cake. While Tito Mark treated her with ice cream! I'm gonna ask her how come I didn't get those? Hmm.. I wonder why?

                                                                                 She said she never really like celebrating her birthday. She doesn't like any type of celebration, to be honest. I can see the awkwardness on her eyes whenever there is a family gathering. But she told Dad that night that her 2011 birthday was different because she felt loved.                                                                                                                                                                                              

 She didn't have a birthday wish. Only that she gets to see clean sink and bathroom, but she says that all the time!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Her friends have a lot to say though:

Lots of birthday wishes and sweet messages :)
A watch from Tita Myra to remind her to slow things down and don't rush!

    On behalf of my busy Mom, I'd like to say Thank you to all her kind hearted friends who never fail to make her happy. It was new for Daddy to always see a hint of a smile on Mom's face. Well, she always have one for me, but not always everyday for Dad. Hehe--grown ups!

That's all for now. Mommy is already screaming for me to brush my teeth! Till my next turn writing :) 

I should have my own signature--wait! I don't know how to write my name, yet!  


*all birthday photos courtesy of Fab Us c/o Tita Feli


Anonymous said...

this is so cute... such a sweetie. Hope to meet you soon!

- Feli

thirdy_smom said...

Thank you, tita feli. You are cute too! :) ~Tri

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Awww that was so sweet!

I too felt weird for celebrating my own birthdays. I don't know, I'm just the very shy and reserved type of person and don't feel as if I deserve it?

♥AdamAlexMommy♥ said...

awwww.... what a talented writer you are! such a sweet family you all are! happy birthday, mom! :)


thirdy_smom said...

Hi Big Sis Jenny,

Yeah, I dont really like celebration. We have the same thought about that! Lik I don't deserve it :)hehhe

Hi Jasmine,

Thanks for the compliments and the greetings! I appreciate it :) God bless