Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fab-erdosed (Too Much Happiness)

I find it hard to believe that I've been in the company of all-boys for the longest time I know.

Ok! That might be a little bit of an exaggeration. Hah!

I just couldn't believe that the last all-girls time I had was July of 2010! What the hell is wrong with me?! Living with 2 boys (hubby and Tri) plus my youngest brother then working with 7 guys everyday--to others, that might sound sick!

And yes, I admit it. At times I feel bad for myself. At some point, it has taken its toll on me. Don't get me wrong. I still love my boys at home and boys at work, but come on! A girl has gotta have some girls' time without hearing a man's complaints and non-sense comments, right? Now, don't get started with the sexist jokes.

I'm just saying a girl's gotta need her own dose of endorphins. 

Do you wanna know where I got mine?

photo courtesy of Fab Us c/o TL Feli

Now, that's what I call endorphins overdosed! Somebody get me to the hospital!!!

"Happiness is time spent with a friend and looking forward to sharing time with them again."
- Lee Wilkinson

Love all my girls :)


Anonymous said...

this is so sweet.... =D


Anonymous said...

Aww... I super love this! Seeu soon!

thirdy_smom said...

awww..thank you girls for dropping by! See yah 'round. miss you all :)

jyothisethu said...

enjoyed the blog...
happy new year...

thirdy_smom said...

hey jyothisethu, thanks for dropping by :) happy new year to you too!

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Wow! So nice of you to have all your girlfriends around! Awesome!

thirdy_smom said...

Hi Jenny!

Yup,girlfriends really have this warm hug, nicely coated b!tc#iness, awesome big smile we often times look for whenever we are down! they get me going at work :) thanks for dropping by, always big sis!

♥AdamAlexMommy♥ said...

fantastic group photos! great looking crowd. :)

hope you are having a fab new year.

thanks so much for your sweet comments.... :)

have a great wknd!

thirdy_smom said...

^hi Jasmine, thanks for dropping by!Fab new year it is! :) Post more of your outfit on your blog already hehehehe can't wait for your next entry!