Monday, January 30, 2012

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December 2011
Creating his own traffic jam :D

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dirty Cake

My mission this 2012 is to make sure that Tri and I would have extra quality time whenever possible. I've failed on that part miserably over the past three years--which upsets not only him, but more of myself. I promised him I'll be a better mom.

So, to start the year right (actually, the eve of New Year), Tri and I made a messy--but special home made dessert we called "The Dirty Cake". We call it like that because of its appearance.

This is a very simple sweet treat for kids that me and my half sister used to make on special occasions. It is well know as "refrigerated cake", with a much more sophisticated version "Crema De Fruta" which is baked.

Let me share you how we did it:

1) You'll need the following: Graham Crackers, All Purpose Cream, Condensed Milk and Fruit cocktail (fresh fruits are much better).

2) Get a tray or a microwavable container.

3) Place the graham crackers to start as a cake base. (Tip: You may dip the cracker on some milk to soften each bar before placing it on your tray.)

4) Layer about two to three spoons of all purpose cream (or as long as the entire area is covered).

5) Add condensed milk.

Optional: You can also add a layer of slightly grounded graham crackers or similar type of biscuit for texture and extra fun for kids!

6) Repeat steps 3-5 or until you have reached the desired height of your cake. (Me, until there is only 1 inch gap from the edge of the container).

7) Add your fruits. Be creative!

8) Sprinkle some of your graham crumbs on top of the fruits. (I used left over tea biscuits for this, like the one below:) then add another layer of cream and/or condensed milk

Tea Biscuit--Tita Em-ar's gift :)

9) Watch your kid enjoy!

10) Lastly, keep it refrigerated for 1-2 hours before serving.

This is a super fun activity. Do not be afraid to make a little mess around the kitchen or spill some of the cream on the table. It is part of the fun! Tri has been bugging me to make another one for him. Not only that he liked the not too sweet taste of it, but it's a perfect bonding idea.

But it was a bit messy after...really messy!

1 cool point for Mom, though :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Pooch-ie's Gotta Go!

I've learned a new word today. 


photo from

I thought the word only refers to dogs?

Ok, so I may be a little outdated on slang terms despite working on a very American environment of BPO industry. (Is that an American word, by the way?) I was at work browsing through the web, hoping to find something good to read when I stumbled upon Ain't No Mom Jeans. I love the blog. It was authored by two awesome stylish Mamas, Shana and Molly. Right from the moment I finished the latest entry, I knew that I'll be drawn to read the entire site. Yey for lots of free time! :)

Sooo, what really is "pooch" and what does it  have to do with ANMJ

It best describes the protruding post-partum belly ALMOST every mom tries to hide. I don't know it by that term. In my world, I call it flab. My co-workers call it "belly bag" (offensive, right?!). I find the site really informative, specially on one thing that has kept me bothered for the past 4 years--mommy fashion and techniques. And yes, most of what I've read emphasizes on concealing the pooch. 

that pooch of mine's gotta go, if not, hidden!

 I'm not even half way and I'm already feeling information overload! But it's the most exciting feeling! Ever!

Tomorrow, when I get to work and bump into someone who usually poke and make fun of my belly, I'll nicely say "Get your f**king hand off my pooch!"

Ain't that cute? :D 


I think it is. 

Well, anyway, I'll be reading more of the blog and squish in more tips in my head for better clothing techniques. Who knows, I may be able to post some pictures if I think the tips work for me!

Who knows...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hey Mommy, It's Your Birthday!

     Hi everyone! My name is Tri, but I prefer Jumbo. It makes me feel big. Today, I'll be writing for Mommy. She's a little too tired arguing on the phone with some people asking more money for our telephone service. She looks angrier than she was with me whenever I make a mess.

     So, anyway, I think I am old enough to take over her blog for a while. Don't you think?

     I wanna share with you Mommy's birthday celebration last December 3, 2011. She told me it was a surprise party arranged by her girlfriends. I like her friends. They have a very big heart they can make Mom feel happy. She wasn't the happy type of person, believe me. 

     Her reaction was priceless! But she said her friends were much surprised because she didn't get surprised??? Oh--no! I'm confused! 

     Well, anyway my Fabulous Titas made her a personalized sweet treat:

     She also got to eat some pasta and chicken which are both spicy by the way, just the way she likes her food. Then, she got some extra dessert a cassava cake--it was one of her fave kakanin. I wonder who told her friends she loves that?

     Dad was extra happy because Mom gets to celebrate her birthday more than once. The day before, which was Mom's actual birthdate, I helped Dad make some pasta bowl for her and some cake. Then her officemate Tito Nyok bought her a very delicious cake. While Tito Mark treated her with ice cream! I'm gonna ask her how come I didn't get those? Hmm.. I wonder why?

                                                                                 She said she never really like celebrating her birthday. She doesn't like any type of celebration, to be honest. I can see the awkwardness on her eyes whenever there is a family gathering. But she told Dad that night that her 2011 birthday was different because she felt loved.                                                                                                                                                                                              

 She didn't have a birthday wish. Only that she gets to see clean sink and bathroom, but she says that all the time!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Her friends have a lot to say though:

Lots of birthday wishes and sweet messages :)
A watch from Tita Myra to remind her to slow things down and don't rush!

    On behalf of my busy Mom, I'd like to say Thank you to all her kind hearted friends who never fail to make her happy. It was new for Daddy to always see a hint of a smile on Mom's face. Well, she always have one for me, but not always everyday for Dad. Hehe--grown ups!

That's all for now. Mommy is already screaming for me to brush my teeth! Till my next turn writing :) 

I should have my own signature--wait! I don't know how to write my name, yet!  


*all birthday photos courtesy of Fab Us c/o Tita Feli

Sunday, January 15, 2012

It Was Supposed to Be PERFECT!!!

I've spend about an our on that one Korean store trying to look for the best fitting outfit for my figure! I found the one! That lovely checkered knee-length cowboy inspired polo. I am drooling over it! I tried it on and it was PERFECT!


I told the saleslady, I am gonna get it. I asked if she could give me a "stock" not the display one. She said she can. I paid for it and I was elated since it was on sale! I took it home, my mind racing on possible dates I could wear that seemingly perfect blouse!

And then right before I was able to boast my great sale find to hubby, I found this HOLE at the sleeve part, right behind the shoulder area.


I trusted the saleslady, since it is the stock version and not the one on display it should have a better looking quality because it was never fitted on a mannequin or worse got worn by countless women for fitting sake! But hey--that saleslady outwitted me and sold me a damaged one for the same price!

Hubby said I can just have it repaired. He said he wouldn't mind bringing it to an alter shop. I refused. I paid for it. I have the right to get what I paid for. I am going back to that store and ask for them to exchange it or refund my money! If both won't work, I promise to shove that dress on that saleslady's face until I can no longer see any part of her head!!!

Oh, great my beautiful temper!

It was something like this, but knee-length

See, even Google could not find a match! Because it was a special dress that was supposed to be THE PERFECT one for me! I soooooo want it bad :(

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fab-erdosed (Too Much Happiness)

I find it hard to believe that I've been in the company of all-boys for the longest time I know.

Ok! That might be a little bit of an exaggeration. Hah!

I just couldn't believe that the last all-girls time I had was July of 2010! What the hell is wrong with me?! Living with 2 boys (hubby and Tri) plus my youngest brother then working with 7 guys everyday--to others, that might sound sick!

And yes, I admit it. At times I feel bad for myself. At some point, it has taken its toll on me. Don't get me wrong. I still love my boys at home and boys at work, but come on! A girl has gotta have some girls' time without hearing a man's complaints and non-sense comments, right? Now, don't get started with the sexist jokes.

I'm just saying a girl's gotta need her own dose of endorphins. 

Do you wanna know where I got mine?

photo courtesy of Fab Us c/o TL Feli

Now, that's what I call endorphins overdosed! Somebody get me to the hospital!!!

"Happiness is time spent with a friend and looking forward to sharing time with them again."
- Lee Wilkinson

Love all my girls :)

A Daughter's Realization

*image taken from google search
Liberty is always dangerous, but it is the safest thing we have.  ~Harry Emerson Fosdick

Liberty is something that is both free and scarce during my childhood. How ironic my Dad was able to implement both. I cannot recall a single matter to which he planned my future. I cannot recall him telling what he wanted me to become. I do not remember him telling me to choose this life I have than the other way.

I do remember him being strict, though. I think I was one lifeless child then. Even if I have the freedom to choose what I want, I do not have the freedom to do most of them. Sounds confusing?

Yeah...parents do tend do be confusing...

I well-practiced my freedom during my college days. I was admitted on one of the schools I was dying to go to. I chose a course I really like, something I know I would have a chance to excel. I'd gotten myself involved on an after-school activity that would help me improve my skills. It felt like things are falling into their places. It was a cloud-nine feeling for me. I was happy I felt like I was beginning the path to my own dream.

But, while I was enjoying the peak of my freedom, one man was sitting alone at home waiting for my call, agonized by the thought I chose not to be with him. My dad never told me he didn't want me to go to that school. He never told me to enroll myself on a different course. He never told me he didn't want me to be a performer like him. He never told me he wanted me home instead!

My dad gave me a string of freedom with the other end securely attached to his hand.

I didn't understand him then. I thought he was just overdoing his "father" job.

But when things started to get messy, it was when I fully understand what he meant. When freedom is abused, it oftentimes leads to wreckage and negligence. The outcome are usually not that pleasant. Better hold on to the freedom we earn because it might save us in the future.

Now, the freedom my dad taught me to keep was the freedom I used to start my family. The freedom that helped me speak for myself and for my loved ones. The freedom I am using as a woman of this society. The freedom that helped me choose to become a mother--a path my Dad never chose for me, but a choice I know he was very proud of.

I will forever love you my dearest Papa.