Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just a Thought...

     Whenever I have free time at work, I always make sure to read other blogs, specially the ones that I follow. And one day, I've read two mommy blogs by searching Google, both residing in the US and both have interesting stories to share. But what really amazed me are some of those fashion shoots of their own. They call it their "runway", "dress up", "ladies room show", something like that photo shoot. They detail each of every piece they wear, the prices, type of fabric, best time to wear, etc.

     It was fascinating to see those photos. To think that they are moms with two kids and a full time job.

    Where do they get all the time to mix up those ideas, plan a week of clothing design, each day with a special theme. That's a lot of hard work! And dedication. It's something that doesn't make me think "OMG, that is sooooooo vain of hers". It's not like that. It was inspiring! Brilliant!

     I wonder if I'll have the courage to dress up and snap a photo of myself in front of the ladies' room mirror. :p


     Maybe not! :)

Watch Out! New Photographer in Town

One year ago, we received a gift from FIL for Christmas. It was a Sony DSCW310

I was elated and worried at the same time. Working with the said company for more than four years, I already know how sensitive this type of camera is so we tried to be very very careful when using it. Tri, of course, is just one of those curious tots around, thinking that it is another toy he can use. 

Only after couple of months since we got the camera did I let my little man try it. And--whoah! I was astonished. He took good photos than I expected!

He knows how to focus on a subject. He knows which light of direction he should be. And it didn't look like it was taken by a three-year old!

I think I have a photographer in the making. And I am loving it :)

Here are more pics from Tri taken just last week. Enjoy!

What do you think of the shots? Me love it :)