Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

"You're scared, Mommy, right?" ~Tri  

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My New Daily Supplement

I was never really a yogurt fan (actually any type of dairy product except cheese!) until I started TRYING to be healthy (I hope you notice the emphasis on the word TRYING).

Well, anyway, this is my current supplement of energy for a tiring day at work. I thought this product taste like my own vomit when I first tried it ages ago! But I was wrong! I LIKE it! Super! Especially this flavor, mixed fruit juice. Tri on the other hand thought it was too sour. He'll stick with his usual Nestle apple and raspberry combo (which is also very very good!)

Oooh! Tri and Mommy are craving for another batch now! :) Yummm yummm

Do I Want Another Man?

    I guess I wasn't really ready for a new guy to come around...I thought I was. I thought I was strong. I thought I wanted it to happen...

     Don't judge me yet. Please continue to read my story...

*image taken from google search
    Five years ago, I realized I was madly in love with this guy. He wasn't the exact man of my dreams, but, hey! This guy actually acts like my Dad. I know he'll take care of me. And he did so very well. Then came 2008, I fell in love with a young boy. When I first saw him, I told myself "He is definitely my new world. I'll do everything to make him happy".

  I am living my life now, satisfy with the thought that I have this strong feelings for two awesome men. I know that whatever happens, I have both of them. The first man continue to love me despite the fact that my time is no longer all for him. He learned to share it with the younger one and had treated him fairly. The second guy was different, though. He wants full attention. He needs every minute from me. I tried to talk to him everyday, even call him while I'm at work just to check if he's doing fine. If that wasn't enough, he'll ask for some gift every single day. And I, being this weak person when it comes to love, obeyed dutifully.

*image taken from google search

   Three years after, a wild dream came to my first man. Astonishingly, he said "I dreamed you loved a new boy. And I was happy. Very happy"

   Like a wild thunder in the sky, pictures of happy moments started flashing right before my eyes. And this time, the thought of adding another one in my life doesn't seem so fitting at all... I wasn't really that ready to have baby no.2, but my first man--hubby--was so happy with the thought that his dream felt so real, seeing an addition to my 2nd man--Tri. He said baby no.2 smiled at him and that he cradled him. He said he was the cutest angel he ever saw. But then, he continued "But he was born with asthma. But he's strong..."

   All these years hubby and I are together, we've seen Tri playing with a baby brother. We will call him Juaquin, deriving his name from my Dad. We want to have Juaquin as soon as Tri turns 5 or 7 (also as advised by my OB since I was on a high risk pregnancy sitch with Tri and had emergency CS). But, our current setup ate all my dreams.

*image taken from google search
   I'm not yet ready to get pregnant--physically, emotionally and financially. I want to have at least two of the three prepared before planning for Juaquin. I thought I was strong. I thought I can make my day dreams come to life. And I realized now, I was faking myself whenever my friends would tease me "Oooh, you're blooming. Preparing for another baby?" and I would reply "How I wish I am pregnant today!" But the truth is, I am scared.

   I am so scared to fail.

   I am such a hypocrite.

   Isn't it depressing when something or someone you really wanna have is just about an inch away from your finger tips? Then stupidly, you fell and can't keep yourself up to reach for it again? How heartbreaking...

   I guess, I can't really have all the men I want--and hubby agreed. He said I can't have all three of them. Not now. But someday, we will all be together--when all three of us are on the same wave length.

    For now, just seeing this photo makes me think: "No need to rush. Baby no.2 and Mommy will both be ready when the right time comes."

My first and second man--Hubby and Tri--with their greasy lips after eating pancit canton :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

If I Die Young...

     Whether this is a statement or a question, I still haven't--and I am pretty sure--I won't be able to figure out what would really be the outcome. I have a lot of questions in mind. Questions I am uncertain of. Will people miss me? Will people say good words about me? Will people learn from me or from my mistakes? Will I make an impact? 

      I wonder if my late father, who passed away at a what I consider young age of 53, ever thought of this:

Papa, it really was funny, now you're gone, I started listening. I will forever miss you.

The Band Perry, thank you for touching my heart with your song.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Book and Movie Review: Twilight

     When I first saw the trailer of this film few years back, I told myself that it was another-teenage-type-of-movie. Very typical. A shy, unpopular girl fell in love with this uber handsome, arrogant and rich guy. They hate each other at first then totally got struck by a cherubim. Then there comes the bestfriend who is secretly inlove with the girl but the girl never paid attention. I wasn't a big fan of mushy movies. Romance isn't my comfort zone. I don't like it because the plots are usually predictable. 

    Then one 4th of July, I was asked to render a what we call in BPO industry "OT Off" (meaning I am obliged to come to work even if it is my rest day). Files and calls are not that much during that time of the year. Don't have that much work. So, to avoid getting bored and sleepy, I rummaged through my desktop folders and found a soft copy of Twilight. 


The cover of the book intrigued me. What's with the apple? What does it signify? 

     So for the entire nine hours of that said shift, I found myself reading page after page, chapter after chapter of the first book by Stephenie Meyer. 

My judgement:

- I like books that are written in first person point of view. Felt like I was really the character. It drew me closer to the story and the emotions seem so real.
- Dialogues are so natural. It makes reading smoother (if that statement makes sense!) 
- I never got bored reading a paragraph or a page worth of description of just one place! She (S.Meyer) used simple ways to describe a location and let her readers create the picture on their own heads. 
- Surprised to see a piece of story based on my roots. (Vampire story based on a Filipino myth). 

Rooms for improvement:

- Sometimes, reading the cheesy lines, makes me feel SOOO CHEEEEESY! Given the chance, I would scratch some of the dialogues to avoid being corny.
- Where's the action? Apparently, the first book does not give readers that much action. The ballet studio part could have been a bigger fight between Edward and James.

All in all I'd give the book 8 out of 10 (10 being the highest). Yes. it did entertain me and my supposed-to-be-boring shift. It made me feel the "butterfly-in-my-stomach" again, something that I once trashed, hehe! It was a nice read. Gave me the chance to go back my teenage years. 


      For every movie made inspired by a book, there is always this notion that the movie version would suck. I braved myself and ask hubby to get me a copy of the film. 

And my opinion:

- Astonishingly, the movie was almost as loyal to its original form as it is. Of course, there are some parts of the story that are "misplaced" so that it could be contained in a one and a half hour to two hours of playing. But they are still well executed. 
- The cinematography matches the tone of the story. 
- The actors who played Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Charlie (Billy Burke) gives its viewers the awkward feeling of a deafening silence between a father and daughter. Kudos to both! :)


- Continuity. I caught some scenes that are obviously an error from the editors. (Please browse through IMDB page for this film).
- Underacting (well, not all actors, though).
- Exposure of other characters. Not everyone was given the chance to shine, specially those characters that played a great role on the book. 

For the movie, I give it a 7 out of 10. Lets give the movie a chance to improve. :)

Yeah, yeah. I did watch a romantic film and watched it with hubby. Even watched it four times!

Will continue with the other two books and movies next time :)