Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Plastic Spoon

*taken from google image search
I have been using disposable spoon and fork everyday. I have been seeing them left and right of my work station. Sometimes, I keep them. Sometimes, I throw them right away. But one day, with no particular reason, I found myself staring at one of them in my hand. I realized, I got it from a to-go meal the day before and kept it so I can use it for mixing my instant coffee. After that, I used it to help myself with a slice of watermelon.

I told myself "I've used this more than once. When am I gonna get a new one? Should I throw this away?"

I chose not to throw it.

No. I ain't a big earth-saver fan. I am not an environmentalist.

But I value things I've used.

Sharing this simple experience to everyone who's felt uncredited.

Yup, like me.

Not everyone has the same wavelength of thinking. Most of the time, an inconsiderate man would choose a to-go meal for lunch and eat it on his table. Once done with his meal, he'd toss the entire package on the bin--not realizing he still has a slice of cake waiting to be eaten. Since, he'd been too much overwhelm finishing his meal, he didn't realize he needed at least one of those disposable spoon. But it was already too late.He will have to choose between eating it on his own hand or saving it until he gets home and get a real utensil. A man drenched in his own pride, will choose the first, thinking that getting the already disposed plastic spoon is such a bad idea. 

Now, go figure how it all work on a BPO industry. 

It sucks! Big time!