Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tri's First Night Out @ Buzz Point

I can already hear the boo's and disappointment from other parents. Yeah. Who the hell was that parent who brought her kid out on a Friday night?

Yes--that was me. 

But, this isn't just a night out. This is my team's dinner date. The first time for hubby to meet my co-workers and for others to see my baby boy. What's wrong with bringing Tri to a dinner? 

Besides, this is a once in a blue moon event. 

Tri and Daddy Fred (a distant relative and--also my team mate--from my paternal side). His wife, Tita Vangie, co-owns Buzz Point. This is a lolo-apo bonding for the 1st time :)

See, he didn't have trouble socializing:

Tri: "I'm reserved for tonight"

He even showcased his talent in dancing:

And boy--did he love the attention! He thought he was the star of the night!

with Tito Chad taking his pictures.

The team's supposed to be dinner and meeting end up like a kiddie party. By 10:30pm, he started his usual mom-I'm-sleepy-routine. There goes the tantrums and non-sense babbling. He literally dragged his Daddy out of the private room and headed towards the parking area. He even went back to make sure I was following him. It was sad I was not able to talk with Yasmin. Hubby was sad he didn't get a chance to know Heño more. Too bad, he didn't get a chance to laugh at Chad's jokes...

But there's always a next time. Hopefully we could get a much better time to bring Tri somewhere with the team. 

Inside the cab on our way home, Tri fell asleep in the middle of his stories. He was trying to tell me about the car that hang on BuzzPoint's wall. He said he loved it and he didn't have one like that. Daddy Fred and Tita Vangie promised to get him one for his birthday.

The following morning, while I was preparing for work, Tri woke up and hurriedly asked: "Mom, where's Daddy Fred?" 

Awww...the boy could feel the what they call "lukso ng dugo".


Anna Liza Conise-Fajarito said...

Cool mom! :)

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Wow! Tri is all grown up now! Glad to see he's enjoying himself! :)

thirdy_smom said...

@Conise - thanks for visiting teh!

@jenny - yeah. years passed by so quick. I can't believe it. thanks for dropping by :)