Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Guess Who's Back?????


Can you hear the choir in the background? How about the orchestra?

Come on and see!

I can see my followers again! After so many months...

Now, listen to the chorus as they sing

*image from Google search
So nice to see you guys, back! Told yah, I didn't delete ya'll!!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Art of Diversion

I had a hard time thinking of a diversion. A diversion to get cars out of my son's head. I had to buy a couple more of Disney movies--The Incredibles, Lion King 1 and 2 and Monsters Inc.. Hubby borrowed some more from his cousin like A Bug's Life, Ratatouille and a non-Disney Madagascar. He liked them, but not as much as he likes Cars.

This is my son's rendition of an angry monster--1 day of no Cars DVD

Well, anyway, one week ago, I thought of reviving Tri's interest on art (more of my interest, really). I just wanna see if he really has my Dad's blood, you know (yeah, genetically, he has my Dad's blood), I wanna see if he's got the artist's blood.

I've managed to keep a set of coloring materials from my FIL's gifts a few months back. Tri received a Disney artist set which consists of crayons, oil pastels, color pencils, felt pens, water color etc. He loved just the sight of it. He was so excited. 

He have tried crayons and felt pens before and I know that that was already boring for him.

"Mom, I am bored with colors..."

So, I tried upgrading him to water color. 

First attempt:

Painting #1:
"Fishy, fishy..."

I wanted interpretation so I asked Tri right after he's done with #1,

Me: Baby, that's cool, what are they?
Tri: Fish!
Paused then pointed the black streak on the right hand side;
Tri: and shark.

Painting #2

 Apparently, he doesn't have an interpretation for Painting #2, but he seemed real enthusiastic while doing it. Maybe it was his way of saying he's happy...or something.

He still couldn't get a week of not watching his favorite movie, but at least it's not everyday anymore. The guilt of being the only person who contributed on his addiction suddenly vanished...

I am glad I knew a little bit of art. For me it's not only a diversion that I've created, but more of a therapy. :)

Guilty momma, signing out...