Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tri's Second Birthday Celebration at (Planet) Morong

When: May 31, 2010
Where: Jose's Residence, Morong Rizal

It was fun having to plan for another trip to go back to my hometown. It was even better having my hubby and Tri drop by the office and my half sister Lyn pick us up so we can all go home to our precious town--the town where I've spent two decades of my life.

Well, was an exhausting plan. As always, Jan got to make up some plans to screw my day saying he had to cancel the trip because Tri was having a bad tummy and all that. He does not like the thought of him sleeping without his thick mattress. He relies so much on our dear bed. But my perseverance (and yeah--annoying text messages) made him stop arguing. By 12:30pm, they arrived at my workplace both of them wearing their brown polo shirts and some khaki pants and shaved head. Oh--they look adorable!

My sister arrived about an hour late. I really cannot count on her for punctuality. But I still love her!

Tri liked the trip all in all. He played with his cousin Aien right after unpacking.

cousin Aien

Tita Lyn's gift was the large all choco cake from Goldilocks:

It was just a normal, pay-a-visit day for all of us. My brother and I chat most of the time, catching the latest gossip about the office. My favorite brother, Jao (our youngest) arrived from Sunday church service went straight to play with my son. I love seeing my two favorite boys together. 

We also experienced the first rain after the excruciating Summer of 2010. Oh! I was called K.J. because I would not let my son bathe in the rain. My brother said I had my "papa-mode" on (which means that I am losing it being so much like our dad, too many precautions). In contrary, I like being compared to my dad. 

Well, I let Tri bathe on a huge basin which he used as a mini pool with all his toy cars with him:

he looks sooooo happy!

We've spent 2 days and 3 nights there. We had so much food, so much laughter, so much fun, it's a good thing my brother captured all moments on his video cam.I can't wait to plan our next trip home. I would very much want Tri to grow up on the same neighborhood. I want Tri to be real familiar with my family. I want him to discover what a slow-paced life is and see the beauty of it. I want him to know that if all else fail, Morong will be a town he can go home to. 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tri Is Obsessed!

Tri is obsessed! I can't believe I've done this to him...

It all started with this...

Then the books...

Then these:  

And these:

And a lot more! (One big toy box full of cars to be exact...)

Now, it's the Cars fever!

OH MY!!! I sure thank he's just 2 years old and not a grown up kid asking for 'em. I wouldn't know which bank to rob to get all those fancy wheels!!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where The Hell Are My Followers?!

Not sure when it all started...but what the F?! Where are my followers????

I swear to God above I didn't delete you guys...



I've been Googling for few hours now. Found some troubleshooting steps but still not working okay.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

And I swear, double cross on my heart, hope to die, liars go to hell, spit on spit--I did not delete you, guys.