Monday, August 2, 2010

Here Comes The Bride and Amici Day!

May 23, 2010

This date, my son turned 2 and it felt like I was reborn. Did I ever mention me having no social life? Or was I too busy not to ever mind that I do not have a normal way of life? I cannot remember when was the last time I went out with my girl friends. Cannot remember when was the last time I felt like a 16 year-old girl. Did I ever reach 16? Or did my calendar skip that year and end up at age 23 right away?

Glad I agreed with my friend Divi to schedule a girl's lunch out.

Right after my Sunday shift, (ok, right before I finish my Sunday shift...ugh!), Anna (a.k.a Jelly) and I hurried down to SM Megamall to meet Divi and Myra to catch the lunch time show of the movie Here Comes The Bride

This was a funny as hell Filipino movie! (my very first Tagalog movie I watched in a theater). It was our good friend Divi who insisted we should watch this. What a stress reliever! :p Happy I agreed. The cast ensemble was unbelievable. I will not deny that I had a great time watching this! A plus for this movie because I recognize some of the shots on my very own home town (or somewhere near it).

I originally plan to escape right after the movie, feeling a little guilty that I am having a good time while I should be at home celebrating with my son. But I ended up walking in an unfamiliar area on that mall, staring at the stores like a tourist, then agreeing to eat at an Italian resto called Amici.

Here's what we ordered:

gelato, red spaghetting with clams and shirmps, fried mozzarella and pizza with white sauce, mushrooms and bacon...hmmm! yummy...
Myra and Divi
metal mouth buddies, me and jelly :p

We agreed to do this girl's day out some other time.

Hmmm..I have a few options in my mind.

Never thought I'd say this, but I gotta love doing things I don't normally do--normal things a girl my age should  do :)