Friday, May 7, 2010

The Day For All of Us, Moms

Twenty six hours from now, as I am writing this, is a day that all mothers in the world have been waiting for. The day when their husbands would pamper them, when their kids would make a surprise gift--like a breakfast in bed or something, the entire family would go out for a nice lunch or romantic dinner alone with their better half. 

Isn't it great?


Okay, so the kill-joy mom attacks--AGAIN!

This is gonna be my third Mother's day with nothing happening. Nothing good.

Let me recall, so you can picture things out.

Mother's day of 2008--I was in the office, my tummy is effing big, I can't even see me own toes and I am palpitating. I came from a 6pm-3am shift knowing that my better half is comfortably sleeping at home until I discovered his whereabouts.

Mother's Day 2009--I came home from work very happy, carrying the new L'Oreal mascarra Josh gave me as a gift and then discovered that Tri had been suffering a 39-degree fever the night before and my partner did not even tried to tell me. I mean, what the hell is it about him and lying?

And last but not the least, Mother's Day of 2010--I'll still be stuck in the office, with about a hundred to a hundred and fifty files to process, metrics to beat, attendance to complete, reports to send, few technician/engineer calls to receive, an overnight stay in the office--yeah...isn't it great?

Isn't it great?


or just LET ME VENT THIS OUT!!!!


There yah go.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms and moms to be. I hope you'll all have a fun day. 


Jelly Bean said...

so sorry to hear your about your mother's day woes, jul. actually we all need a break . . . from work and everything else . .