Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Home At Last

Going back to my hometown is always a thrill for me. I only get to see my brothers and sisters once a year. It was hard for me to be in this kind of set up. I know, for once, they hated the idea of me living far away from them. I missed special occasions like their birthdays, Christmas, New Year, our Dad's death anniversary and so on. I know I've missed a lot and I truly regret that. During our anniversary last February, there is only one wish I had in mind--to go back home, even if it's only an overnight stay. 

February 9, Jan, Tri and I left the city at around 7am. It was a Monday and I expected heavy traffic, but I was wrong. In 30 minutes or so, we reached Sta. Lucia Mall where we took a short jeepney ride to the main road heading to Rizal and from there we took another ride but this time, it's the long trip to the south. 

I've never been that too excited the way I felt during that 1 and a half hour winding ride. Tri fell asleep hugging "bibi"--his pillow almost the entire time. The smell of the summer sunshine mixing with the acacia leaves dancing in the air brought me to a trance. My childhood memories flashed back in rapid succession  until I did not notice it was time for us to get off the jeepney. 

We took our last ride in a tricycle with Tri still sleeping. It was the day after the town fiesta so there are still some "banderitas" hanging, men pushing their carts selling ducklings and colored chicks for pets, "palabunutan", cotton candy, coconut juice etc--every little corner of Morong looked alive. We arrived about 10am and we were welcomed by my beloved youngest brother. We had a lot of fun chatting (specially me and my Kuya). My eldest brother--who I used to work with--immediately asked for the latest news in the office (gossip is the right word, actually). He resigned from our company about a year ago due to some conflicts. Tri, at first felt different, waking up in an unfamiliar place but later on started playing everything he laid his eyes on.

Here's Tri at the garage playing tag with Uncle Jao (my youngest brother)

 Tri listening to our chit chats.

We also made sure to drop by other relative's house where Tri showcased some of his "talents"--which I was very proud of! hah! lol.

Before going to sleep, I said my prayer, scanned the entire house, and told myself: "there is no other place like home".

I rushed to the bathroom, locked the door and I cried. Not because I felt sad. Not because I realized I missed a lot. But because after all the pain we've been through as a family, after all the hardships we had after my Dad's death--his spirit is still living within us. We are still connected as brothers and sisters. 

I woke up the next day looking at this:

It was the most beautiful sun rays I saw beaming on the plants. It made me feel welcomed--once again.

I thanked God for giving me the opportunity to reconnect with my family and to my Dad for giving me two brothers and two sisters who are all as brave as he was when he's still alive. I promised them we will visit more often. 


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Awww... how nice to have a hometown to go back to! So what talents did Tri showed off? :)

thirdy_smom said...

Hi jenny!

Thanks for dropping by!

Yah it was so nice back there! :D

Well, Tri showcased his "American tongue", he kept on talking like Spongebob (although most of the time it's jibberish haha!)And he danced Mickey Mouse Clubhouse's "Hotdog dance". He had a blast! We are planning to celebrate Tri's 2nd birthday there next month.

I miss my little brother so much :( Tri likes him, too.

Noraini Ismail said...

Hi Juljul, surprised how fast Tri had grown. Take care n God Bless!! :))

Noraini Ismail said...

How nice to go home for a holiday...

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Anne!

More assignments for you! :p

I tagged you in a photo meme. Come on over and hope you can join in the fun!