Friday, February 19, 2010

Mother Quotes

Some mothers are kissing mothers and some are scolding mothers, but it is love just the same, and most mothers kiss and scold together. ~Pearl S. Buck

What about a forgetful mom? Or an exiling mom? Or a mother with favoritism? Is it love just the same?

I'd like to share a story.

I know somebody who's had a bad experience with his own mother. He felt he's never had a connection.

When he was only a few months old, he was entrusted to a relative. His mom said she will only be gone for a while and only needed someone to look after him. Days, weeks, months...this little boy's mom never return. After a year, the boy's relative found out that his mom is pregnant again. And so, they continue to care for the little one already with them.

The little boy was pampered. Never was he neglected of food, clothing and shelter. His basic needs fulfilled but still emotionally empty. Soon after, little boy learned he's already a brother. He was taken back and forth to see his family but the realtives who took care of him opted to take responsibility of him. He grew up with no mother to hug when he's hurt and no father to look up to as a role model.

Time to time his father would come home, give him toys, clothes, food he loves. Take him to the mall, travel, have a vacation. But still, he felt empty. There is still no connection.

At last, his parents decided to get him back on the family he should live and grow up with. he was given everything he's supposed to get. His own room, his own tv, car, latest gadgets, freedom, money. But still...his heart is empty.

And full of envy.

Never did a day pass that he's not arguing with his mom. He didn't like her choice of words, her decisions, her being a loud mouth, her trying to be someone she's not, her living up a world she's not supposed to...and her favoring his sibling over him.

The moment he knew he is ready to have his own family, he introduced the girl only to find out his mom would not allow them to get married. He was devastated, but then, no one can stop them.

Their lives as a partner, did not go smoothly as planned. A lot of problems, a lot of trouble, but still they were together. They were kept and shooed, kept and shooed by his parents. They just wanna be free. His heart was broken and shattered when he learned that his mother never recognizes him as his son. Only declares his other children. He was badly hurt.

He asked: "It is because I chose to be a father to my son?"

"Is it because I cannot find a suitable job where I can excel?"

"Is it because I chose to be with someone with no good family background? Did not finish school and just simply not what they want for me?"

And to all his question he knew the answer was a 'yes'.

Still, he moves on with his life. At a not-so mature but no too old age, I see this person as a very groomed man, responsible, devoted--a father to a son he plans to raise on their own. He is now more independent, although still living close to the relatives who took care of him, he's done (and still doing) things a normal guy his age would not want to do, he is not afraid of what other people will think about him, he does not care if his friends would laugh at him while they see him hanging wet clothes outside to sun-dry 'em. People see him walking tall, carrying a young boy on one hand and the other hand with a bag full of groceries.

I am proud to know this man...

And will forever be.

But tell me, is it love just the same?

I THINK NOT. Reality bites, not all moms deserve to be called moms.


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