Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Salute You, Ben Tulfo

Many Filipinos know who Ben Tulfo is. A columnist for a newspaper and a radio newscaster. He and his siblings are well known for the tough looks, sarcastic comments, unlimited use of profanities, respect to the women, concern about the young ones and their spontaneous attack to suspected criminals--okay, mostly profanities.

Last week, I caught his Tuesday episode of Bitag. He covered a story about these people using the little ones to get money from bystanders or passerby. I've known this type of activity for quite some time. I've been a victim once or twice.

The modus: a thirty-ish woman carrying a 10-month old baby (child's age may range from infant up to 8 years old) will approach a bystander, beg for some spare change saying "gusto lang po namin makauwi. Kulang po pamasahe namin" ("we just want to go home but my money isn't enough for the bus fair").

I bet anyone gifted with the what I call "a mother's heart" will fall for this type of crap! Who wouldn't? This woman has been carrying the baby in the street for quite a while. The baby must be hungry and tired and maybe sleepy. Any mom would not want a young child suffering from all of these right?

And so, when this verbiage was once used to me, I felt obliged to produce 50 bucks out of my pocket.

Call me loser :(

A concern citizen brought this story up to Ben Tulfo on his progrm Bitag and they followed these people around Monumento area (the same place where I saw 'em!). They studied the entire activity for the day, they noticed there are 2 or 3 pairs (an adult and a child) doing this routine and the following day, they arrested one lady on the act with a 7-yer old girl. The lady denied knowing the child but later on admits that she is her own daughter.

I mean, what is wrong with the world, Mom-uh?

I am just so thankful Mr. Tulfo knew the right time and the right place to catch the devils on the street.

I salute you, sir!