Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine's Day, Daddy!

I think I just puked.

Okay, I may be a little bit exaggerating, but trust me--I am no mushy person.

No offense meant by the first statement, I am just not the type of person who celebrates anniversaries and Valentine's Day in an extraordinary way (same goes with hubby). Although this year I promised myself I'll try to be a little sweeter and more gentle (much of a Stepford Wives category). 

I'll try to make a change this time and dedicate a post to my beloved partner in life. The past few days, I realized it is finally time for hubby to have a dedicated post (I do not usually post anything about my relationship with him, I bet my friends Jelly and Hephaestion know why). So anyway, here it goes:


Today is a special day for us. Three years ago, over a small casual talk, we decided we'll have our own family. You asked me if I'd like to come and live with you and I said yes. We planned to get married, you asked my family's permission and went beyond that by informing all your friends. I was amazed and flattered. I felt like I was the prettiest girl in the world and I felt how proud you are of me. I know we've been through a lot. You, staying with me, is against your parents' will. It was hard for them when you finally announced our plans. It was hard for them because we were too young then and they thought we were only planning to get married because I was already carrying a child. They thought we were too young and we'll end up relying on them. You tried to prove 'em wrong. Still, even against their will, you opted to stick with me (even without the marriage thingy). Few months after, we found out we were pregnant. You were crazy like hell you started cursing and laughing and sending sms to your friends and relatives. From then on, I knew you would be a good father.

Our relationship isn't perfect. Nothing is. We went through a lot. And by "a lot" this is not an understatement. We fight every now and then. I discovered there is still some things about you that should be left unexplored--some things you hoped I did not find out. Out of arguments I hoped I never said "yes" in the first place, hoped I never initiated the chat with you during our introduction...

But most of the time, I prayed that I won't lose you. Because you were the only person, inspite of my misbehavior, understood what I am going through. You came just the right time. You were God's gift to me during my lowest point in life. You are my everyday strength to help me get through the day and face reality. You were there to take away my pain. You were there to make me realize no matter what I look, I'd still be the best mom for our son. You were there to teach me how important it is to talk things over and say sorry even if it is not my fault. You were there to make me express my hidden emotions. You were there when I miss my dad. You were there when I am in terrible pain during my labor. You were there to take the very first video of our son minutes after he was born.

I may not say all of these things infront of you. I may not say "i love you" as much as a "normal" couple does. I may yell at you, call you names, and all but I love you. And I'll always be here even if your entire family shoo you away. I'll be here to help you kick a$$ and skin 'em alive, sprinkle them with salt and pepper and roll 'em to the sand--

Okay, okay...

Happy anniversary my dearest. No other father not even yours can do what you did and still doing to raise Tri. I'll dare any other Dads out there to do all the tasks you have performed and I'll bet they will wave their white flags.

And well--okay, happy valentines day!

Oh--sh!t this sucks...

Your wife from hell, 


Hephaestion said...

First things first.. what up with this?

"You were there to make me realize no matter what I look, I'd still be the best mom for our son"

- what do you mean by, what I look? who are you to tell yourself your not beautiful?

next, I think this is sweet.. kuya jan should read about this.. or maybe print it out and have a hard copy of this and hang it somewhere in your house..

really.. he should.. mishu!! : )

Jelly Bean said...

One word "Wow!"

I hope janjan reads this.

thirdy_smom said...

thanks joshie and ate anna! Janjan liked the post! he said I am so theatrical haha! manlait pa din ba?