Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not Again!

Friday morning, as I was heading to work on my usual routine, I witnessed another snatching event.

It isn't safe anywhere, anymore right?


This time the victim was an elderly woman carrying like five bags of groceries. I didn't notice it first until I heard her screaming. I looked back realizing I was only three or four feet away. She's frantically screaming until a lot of people are looking at her and the snatcher.

And him--the snatcher around the age of 28-35, wearing yellow green shirt and checkered shorts--stepped back a little and walked like nothing happened. He was not able to get anything from the woman.


I felt clenching my fist--really hard as I watched the snatcher walk. His eyes were of a playful teenager who doesn't know what's fun and what's not. His jaw was tightened, with a sly grin. I thought I saw devil again.

I asked myself "why would you get some stuff that other people worked hard for?!"

"you've got a good firm body which you should be using for work instead of snatching!"

And I thought I saw myself dragging him on the edge of the street then pushing him off the road while hundreds of buses came rushing.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The taxi driver was angrily honking.

I didn't realize I was watching him (the snatcher) walk by. And I didn't know I was staring at him that long eye to eye. That was the longest time I looked at someone in the eye with...anger.

How could our own policemen let these incidents pass? How could there be some people who are willing to hurt others to get what they need--even if they can actually get 'em the legal way? Why are there some bystanders like me who just let these things happen? Why am I not taught to defend others?

I calmed myself.

I thought of karma and how it attacks a person.

It's better off that way. At least nobody's hurt. Nothing stolen.

Thank you, Lord.


Sam said...

Snatchers are really common! But here in Davao, if one notorious snatcher keeps going in and out of jail, he better watch out the so called DDS. I experienced also being snatched but he didn't get something because I didn't have money on my pocket. The best thing to do I think is to be vigilant, avoid places the are too crowded, keep your money safe and not to wear expensive jewelries that lure them.

thirdy_smom said...

I know right...this was the second time I witnessed this kind of event on the SAME place. I had it posted on BE SAFE ON THE ROAD with all my tips and the like. thanks for dropping by Sam!