Wednesday, January 27, 2010

DIAPER REVIEW: Pampers Comfort

Tri has been on diapers 24/7 since birth. During his first three months, he's using the EQ diaper. Affordable. But the quality isn't that good.

So hubby and I decided to switch brands and go for Pampers comfort. Reasonable price and just the right quality.

Or so I thought.

It was last month, before Christmas, I noticed something wrong with the product. The adhesive tape on the left side seems to be getting detached from the waist band. I thought it was only because Tri has been so active lately, or maybe he is peeing too much and we have not paid that much attention to changing the nappies right away.

Two or three nappies, I can shrug it off. But 9 out of 10 nappies--there should be something.

So I called Pampers customer line. Boy--were they the nicest customer service ever! The representative, Liezel, told me that I have two options. 1.) have a refund or 2.) have a replacement. Both options were good and didn't leave me on a dead end. And Liezel was straight forward enough to tell me which one is fastest--get a refund. It will only take me 2 banking days to get my P400 back while the replacement product will take 10-15 days for me to get it. And my only requirement is for me to ship the remaining nappies.

You betcha--I opt for the refund. She just asked  couple of information and I'm all set.

2 days after, the carrier came and picked up the package and the day after that I got my control number, went to the nearest Western Union and got my P400 back. The money isn't that big amount, but the experience was okay. At least Pampers can stand behind their products.

Dada, however, shows distrust to them. He never bought Pampers again. Tri is currently on Drypers.

So far,so good...I hope :)