Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dada's Got Strained Foot!

When I got home Thursday night last week, hubby was complaining about his right foot badly hurt.

I panicked. Thought it might be broken or something.

I forced him to go an ER.

He didn't. He is a big doctor-and-hospital-hater.

He instead produced a menthol ointment and a bandage.

I am pissed and kept on ranting while wrapping his foot. I hate it that he doesn't like doctors--of fear maybe, or of the cost of a single checkup. I really don't understand.

As I was finishing the bandage and putting on his socks, I noticed our little Tri walking around the house and went to one of the corners. He stayed there for a little while and went back screaming at me: "Mymy! Mymy!"

He was holding his Daddy's Reebok.

"Dada" he said, holding the shoe up.

I was dumbfounded.

He thought wearing socks means going out! It was cute. But that cuteness is just a mere minute I was not able to snap a photo! Grrrr...

It's ok, hubby's foot is ok now and he can now walk around even went back to the gym the day after.