Friday, January 1, 2010

Celebrating New Year's Eve, Kill-Joy Mom Version

New year's eve...hmmm...

I remember celebrating New Year's Eve when I was a little..err chubby kid. 10pm is cooking time and would mostly last until 11:30pm minutes before the grand countdown. 11:45pm I am all ready with my two hands on my ear and a scarf to cover my nose and mouth (firecracker smoke bad for lungs!). And by that time, my relatives in the house would:

1.) Open all windows and doors
- a Filipino superstitious belief which signifies the family allowing "luck" to enter the house.

2.) Blow their horns/Set all kinds of firecrackers in the street
- Old folks said this is to scare the bad spirit.

3.) Shake some coins to make a loud noise before tossing them
- Sign of prosperity.

4.) Wear Polk-a-dots.
- If we are still on the late 80's or early 90's, I think it is still fashionable!

5.) Jump.Jump.Jump.
- So we will grow taller.

6.) Decorate the house with round fruits.
- Round fruits means infinity (and beyond! :p)

7.) Gather around the table and pig out!

Uhhh...this ain't happening now. Again, I'll be stuck in the office 'til Sunday afternoon. I'll hybernate as much as I can. And again, I had been debating with myself whether or not to come to work today until the very last minute. But the working mom side won. My conscience said I need to provide for my family. I have bills to pay, a bagpack to buy for my little brother, food to serve for my own family and twenty-more-thousand-peso fee for my dental thingy. My mommy side tried to fight back, but freakin' workforce did not apporve my Leave request!! I can just not report to work and send a message to my bosses--but that would be unfair. My office mates had been offering for me to log out early so I can still go home, or even asked me to celebrate the eve with them--NO. My mind is fixed.

I wonder if Tri hates me now for not being with him today and being such a kill-joy... :(

Am I a kill-joy?