Sunday, December 27, 2009

scheek-a-scheek-scheek, 3 times a day :)

Today, I am announcing that my baby boy Tri, is a TOOTHBRUSH FRIENDLY BABY and that he does not hate 'em anymore!

During Tri's sponge bath, I offered him to brush his teeth and looked pretty excited as I hand him his 1st stage set of toothbrush (one with actual bristles and the other with silicon brushes). I put a little of the Sansfluo toothpaste on both. As always, he'll taste a bit of the paste, then lick it (strawberry flavor flouride free so it's safe!) and just play with the brushes after. I was surprised to see him do the left-to-right brushing technique that I was asking him to do--and boy, was he good at it! Although, it was just two-three strokes, it was not that bad for a beginner! :) I'll be watching him closely to see if it'll progress.

'Let ya know!