Thursday, December 24, 2009


You really can tell by now I don't have a single drop of holiday spirit in me..


I had a very long day which I think will last until the very last minute. I am so pissed off I feel like I wanna punch someone in the face! I don't get why there are some people who have to ruin your day because of their irritating behavior. 

I wanna know why there are some people who are trying to hold you back of something. Some people I think doesn't want to see somebody else happy. Hello?! Does the word ENVY ring a bell?!

And then there are some guys at work who doesn't care for their co-employees. Hey, guys I think I need a vaca or something! Or just grant my loan or get lost--I'll be much happier!!!!

And the Ms. Chernobyl neighbor commented about me having my braces fitted and said that she can't see any effect on my weight. Girl, do you actually know the purpose of dental braces? It is for straightening the teeth and not a diet pill. I think I know why you haven't even made it to finish high school. But I kept being nice, answering back: "It's not even tightened yet. I can still bite people (like you!)".

And then there are some members of your very own bloodline. Well--not mine, hubby's. You can measure their personality by chocolates. YES. f***ing CHOCOLATES! I really don't care if we are not gonna get our share! I mean, what the hell is a pack of chocolates--I can buy a box of that! But hubby is making a big deal out of it. He said that he is still a family member and should get an equal share. Apparently, they do not know the word EQUAL. What a pathetic argument. So glad I do not carry your blood.

There's also someone who came and left our house without a single word. Hello?! Have you ever heard of the word "RESPECT"? Thinking about it, it's okay. I'm not the one who's a major failure. You've got the face, but don't have the IQ.

I'm so sorry I have to be mean. Just can't help it.

Yeah, call me Grinch or Mr. Scrooge.

Sorry, just have to vent it out...