Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Pill

       After debating with myself seven hundred and seventy seven times whether or not to switch BC type, after a thourough research and back-reading on a lot of parenting forums, I've finally decided it is time to end my dilemma.

       Today, I am on my second pack of the pill. It isn't that bad as I have imagined. And fortunately, I haven't forgot to take a single pill (who wouldn't?! I'm like a crazy b*t*h I have 2 alarms for it everyday hehe).

       Let's weigh the pro's and con's of switching from depo shots to the pill.

  •      My period is back to normal (as opposed to what I've read on some articles which says that it may take 8 months to 2 years) and is very light and less painful.
  •      I feel lighter. (when I was on depo shot, everytime I got a dose, it felt like I've just came from a cheering practice).
  •      I have control on my mood. (Ask my husband about it :) hehehe).
  •      It's like an instant sleeping pill. (The only thing I can remember as soon as I wake up in the morning is me feeling the soft bed then blank).
  •      Less P100 from my pocket. I'm getting it for free!

  •      I felt dizzy. (Like I wanna throw up or something. During my first pack, I'm feeling dizzy in the morning as if I am preggo and now that I am on my second pack, it usually occurs in the evening.)
  •      Diarrhea-like symptoms. (I had this one on my first pack, too. I do my thing like twice a day. The bad thing about it is that I felt dehydrated.)
  •      Fatigue. (Before, when I was still on depo shots, even after work I can still juggle house chores and taking care of hubby and Tri. Now, if it is bed time, it is bed time!!).
  •      Extra precautions on medications. (I freaked out after taking a type of antibiotic thinking that it will decrease the effectiveness of the pill!)

               This is so far so good.

               But I hope the pill will make me lose weight as well.