Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Enough of the Drama...:)

Okay...enough of the crying part.

This is my birthday week and I'm gonna make it different.

My birthday week started earlier than I anticipated. Thanks so much to the love birds, Jelly and Zero4ce who brought me a cake and sang "happy birthday" last Sunday afternoon. I love the cake! Even Tri and hubby enjoyed it :) And for Hephaestion for brightening up my day, as always, making me feel beautiful no matter how big I am! I love you guys. (picture of cake never taken--a BIG blame to hubby! haha)

The day after that (which was my off), hubby asked to go out. We ate lunch then went shopping. Well, I didn't shop for myself--that's a change. I let hubby buy stuff he likes and choose few things for Tri. Tri liked it that we are shopping. He'd been pointing at toys here and there! And boy-- did he made a scene on the mall! (sorry no picture)

The following day, I went to meet my dentist for another check-up. Had couple of fillings and one molar extracted (yyyooouuch!). For some weird reaons, I find this relaxing. Next week, another appointment, another check up and prep for the tinsel teeth (yikes...).

And today at the office I got P60 refund for food from my boss. Money not that big can still help me get home. Still, thanks!

I wonder what tomorrow will be for me.

For now, a bowl of spag and fried chix are waiting for me at home--thanks Dada! Love you. 30 more minutes and shift's over. So excited to go home and cuddle my little Tri.