Sunday, December 6, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol

I admit that I have been a fan of Brown's first two books about the Harvard symbologist, Robert Langdon. Both I enjoyed so much. Both I waited to become movies (which they did eventually).

Just like the first two, I expected that it would be dragging. Dragging enough for me to spare 2-3 hours of my sleep or do a super multi-tasking at work (purchase files, credit files, email correspondent, blogging and reading the novel all at at the same time--haha!) Can't let go of the next chapter! Need to read it, NOW!

Although, the story itself did not intrigue me that much compared to the Da Vinci Code, which startled the Christian community all over the world causing it to be banned from cinemas in Vatican, to be specific.

On this book, Brown focused the story on the American History, the Masonic influence and Noetic Science.

All in all, the book still hooked me. Brown brought me in a puzzle but was still there to guide me to the exit door. Only had to dislike the never ending description of the places. Had to skip those and just google the picture! :)

Rating (10 being the highest), I give the book an 8. Love the suspense parts, hate the meticulous description of scenes. Let the readers use their imagination.

Can't wait for the movie! I've read it will be out on 2012!


Jelly Bean said...

hay naku dapat mabasa ko na rin toh!