Saturday, December 12, 2009

Be Safe on the Road

            Two weeks ago, I witnessed an after-snatching-incident-scene along Aurora Blvd. during my usual morning routine to work. (Yeah, here in the Philippines, crimes are performed any time of the day! ha!).

It happened like this: a guy ran past me, a lady vendor shouting "jackpot! jackpot!" and a girl (who looked like a college student) holding on to her left ear brisk walking with another lady and pointing at the direction behind me.

I thought it was a scene from a movie or a tv series.

           If I'll count the number of years that I've been commuting to and from school or to and from work, it'll be 6 years in total. And for those years, luckily, I have not experience those snatching or hold up-ing (THANK YOU, LORD!!!!).

           Before I went to college, my Dad gave me some helpful tips to keep safe on the road, which I am still using until now. (Thought I'd like to share it with you, guys.)

1.) While on the road inside the bus or a public jeepney, DO NOT SLEEP.

          People who are sleeping inside a public vehicle are most likely the target of those "mandurukot". If I am on a bus, I make sure to sit by the window, so I can have a good view of the road thus I can enjoy the travelling time and not feel sleepy at all. On jeepneys, I prefer to sit right next to the entry way.

2.) If you are not familiar with the place, do not be too obvious that you do not know which direction to go.

           My dad even said not to ask directions from local police! Me, I ask directions from fellow commuters or simply look for landmarks.

3.) Do not look rich.

         This may sound funny, but yes, this should be considered. Specially on places like Cubao, Pasay, Taft or Recto area. BLING-BLINGS ARE A NO-NO! Look rich and the next day you might wake up in an emtpy room chained or tied up.

4.) Put your bags infront of you.

             I always carry a body bag similar to a laptop case. It's always positioned infront me with my hand guarding the zippers/locks.

5.) Have extra bills somewhere in your clothes/body.

        When I was still in college (PUP), I always put couple of hundred bucks on my socks or inside my shoes or even on my brassiere. In case someone try to snatch my bag or hold up me (PLEASE LORD, DON'T!), I still have extra cash to get me home or some change to make a phone call.

6.) Look fierce!

Have that look that will scare whoever has bad agenda on you. Look as if you are ready to fight if needed. My dad is a tough guy and taught me to be the same. I am not trained to do martial arts or to do some self defense, but the trick of looking fierce sure is a good one.

I am not saying that this is 100% effective. These are just some safety precautions. Prayer is still the best armour. =)


Jelly Bean said...

wow. thanks for sharing!