Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Post Christmas Event

Well, I was stuck in the office for 4 days starting from Christmas eve. Not that I do not like being at home during holidays--of course I wanna be with Tri during these special days. I was sad not being able to personally greet my baby Merry Christmas. It's been two years in a row. It'll always come to a point that I will be torn between work and motherhood. Both I love. Both I need to do dutifully. I am just so thankful that there are people--good friends, I'd like to add--that are willing to fill whatever it is that I can't afford to do for my son.

Thank you for the gifts Ninang Alecx and Ninang Mela!

Tri received this toy car from his Godmother "Nineng" Alecx. He calls it "eep-eep" (jeep)

And these are books from his Ninang Mela. Different types of animals and types of vehicles. He thought he can read 'em! Ha! He loves them with all it's bright pictures and flaps that can be lifted. He's scared of the animal book, though. Saw the owl staring at him right on the very first page...:)

The mat was from Josh a.k.a Hephaestion. Tri thought it was a cape!

Again, thank you so much for always having my son on your list, for doing a small task that I often cannot perform as simple as picking a gift for him (so embarrassing), for being his second Mom (yeah Hephaestion, you're a Mom!) and for cheering me up! I love you, guys. I also want to thank Jelly and Zero4ce for the spa gift cert (I'll sure use it!), for Myra and the delish cookies, for Divie and her pulvoron (love 'em, love 'em!) and another count for Hephaestion for all the gifts you gave. I honestly lost track! Thank you guys.

For Dada and his undying patience, thank you. I love you with all my heart.

Happy Holidays, y'all!  

Mother Quotes

This post goes to my Mom. I hope you can read this.

A father may turn his back on his child, brothers and sisters may become inveterate enemies, husbands may desert their wives, wives their husbands. But a mother's love endures through all. ~Washington Irving

Sunday, December 27, 2009

scheek-a-scheek-scheek, 3 times a day :)

Today, I am announcing that my baby boy Tri, is a TOOTHBRUSH FRIENDLY BABY and that he does not hate 'em anymore!

During Tri's sponge bath, I offered him to brush his teeth and looked pretty excited as I hand him his 1st stage set of toothbrush (one with actual bristles and the other with silicon brushes). I put a little of the Sansfluo toothpaste on both. As always, he'll taste a bit of the paste, then lick it (strawberry flavor flouride free so it's safe!) and just play with the brushes after. I was surprised to see him do the left-to-right brushing technique that I was asking him to do--and boy, was he good at it! Although, it was just two-three strokes, it was not that bad for a beginner! :) I'll be watching him closely to see if it'll progress.

'Let ya know!

MOVIE REVIEW: The Proposal

We had a lot of free time a while ago during my last shift. We decided to watch Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynold's "The Proposal" thru the websense-immune movie streaming site we discovered (ha!). I was not able to watch this movie on theater (I mean, when was the last time I actually see a movie in big screen?hmmm...Beowulf?? And I remembered feeling sleepy...)

Okay, back to "The Proposal". For those who have not seen it, it's a romantic comedy film about an executive editor in chief, Margaret Tate (Bullock) and her assistant Andrew Paxton (Reynolds) who both settled on a deal to get married after Tate was informed that she'll be deported to Canada. Paxton agreed under the condition that he will be promoted as an editor and that Tate will publish his manuscript. (for full synopsis, click here.)

My rating for Sandra Bullock, in a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest), I'll give her an 8. I can see me thru her! LOL. I was convinced that she is (Tate) too bossy that every employee hates her. And I love it that she always have the last word and that she'll do the talking--or else you're outta here.

And for the hunky Ryan Reynolds that Hephaestion drools about--it's a 7. I don't see enough emotion to establish the fact that he started liking his "evil" boss. But the charisma and all that--well, we can perfectly see!

For the movie itself, it's a  fair 7. Again, whether it is the movie or Reynolds' acting strategy that does not give the surprising spark for Paxton to suddenly fall in love with Tate, it's all covered by the chemistry and Bullock's internalization of the character.

Sorry for the technical terms :) Over all, I enjoyed it!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Letter To My Baby


Happy 19th-month birthday! I am so glad to see you grow, hear you utter words in your cutest way, see you dance and sing along the Playhouse Disney themes. Thanks for giving me the chance to experience motherhood even if it sometimes drains my energy.

Merry, merry Christmas to you, baby. My-my is so sorry for not spending the Christmas eve and Christmas day with you and Da-da two years in a row. I hope you will understand. When you grow up and read this, you will understand why My-my is always away and working. I hope you still love me as much as I love you. May the Lord bless you with good health and knowledge that will help you grow up as a responsible person. May your Papa Nito stay always by your side and guide you through everyday. He is your angel. :)

I miss you so bad. I promise, as soon as I am off from work, we will have a good quality time together and we will post-celebrate Christmas. All three of us! Your Ninang Alecx bought you a big big gift! I saw it on her desk. You'll get it first thing Sunday when I get home.

Need to stop writing by now. This is my only chance to sleep full ten hours after five or so months!! My-my will go on hybernating mode. Be safe baby and be a good angel for your Da-da.

Much love,


Me and My Big Foot :)

Is it just me or my big foot?

In a matter of a month, I've had three pairs of slippers already. Always have slippers trouble. Just last night, to add up to my bad day, my right-foot slipper snapped again--take note of the word AGAIN! I am just so glad I have an extra slip on on my bag and that it happened while I am already inside the bus and not when I am walking, otherwise...

Today, I am using the cow eye slippers. Argh!

Maybe I should just go with the sneakers.

Is it really just me or my big foot?


You really can tell by now I don't have a single drop of holiday spirit in me..


I had a very long day which I think will last until the very last minute. I am so pissed off I feel like I wanna punch someone in the face! I don't get why there are some people who have to ruin your day because of their irritating behavior. 

I wanna know why there are some people who are trying to hold you back of something. Some people I think doesn't want to see somebody else happy. Hello?! Does the word ENVY ring a bell?!

And then there are some guys at work who doesn't care for their co-employees. Hey, guys I think I need a vaca or something! Or just grant my loan or get lost--I'll be much happier!!!!

And the Ms. Chernobyl neighbor commented about me having my braces fitted and said that she can't see any effect on my weight. Girl, do you actually know the purpose of dental braces? It is for straightening the teeth and not a diet pill. I think I know why you haven't even made it to finish high school. But I kept being nice, answering back: "It's not even tightened yet. I can still bite people (like you!)".

And then there are some members of your very own bloodline. Well--not mine, hubby's. You can measure their personality by chocolates. YES. f***ing CHOCOLATES! I really don't care if we are not gonna get our share! I mean, what the hell is a pack of chocolates--I can buy a box of that! But hubby is making a big deal out of it. He said that he is still a family member and should get an equal share. Apparently, they do not know the word EQUAL. What a pathetic argument. So glad I do not carry your blood.

There's also someone who came and left our house without a single word. Hello?! Have you ever heard of the word "RESPECT"? Thinking about it, it's okay. I'm not the one who's a major failure. You've got the face, but don't have the IQ.

I'm so sorry I have to be mean. Just can't help it.

Yeah, call me Grinch or Mr. Scrooge.

Sorry, just have to vent it out...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mother Quotes

I've seen a lot of blogs with their Wordless Wednesday. I love just looking at the pictures on their pages and I have nothing against the idea. Just thought of making something different.

This Wednesday, I'll start my Mother Quotes post to inspire moms reading my page, all moms-to-be, and moms of moms.

"Becoming a mother makes you the mother of all children. From now on each wounded, abandoned, frightened child is yours. You live in the suffering mothers of every race and creed and weep with them. You long to comfort all who are desolate." -Charlotte Gray

Who does not have teary eyes looking at those babies being carried around the street for food or spare change? Who does not feel devastated hearing from the news that a child was a victim of such tragedies? Who does not wish she can run to get the baby and cuddle him to make him feel warm in a cold December night, knowing the baby is not hers? No such mother is numb not to feel hurt by all of these.

A mother is always a mother wherever she goes.

Monday, December 21, 2009

This Is His Way of Saying...

The past few days have been great with my son. He's learning to speak and follow some instructions. Thinking back, I wondered how I was able to "communicate" with my then little boy who only knows how to cry and sleep.

Here are some that I was able to catch:

1. The "don't-disturb-me" face.

2. The "what-the-hell-is-she-saying" face.

3. The "eeeww" face.

4. The "mom-there's-something-sticky" face.

5. The "ooh-I-like-that" face.

More to come! :p

Best I've Seen

One of the best station ID in Philippine television. Touches everybody's heart!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So Sweet ;)

Goo'-night byby giraffe =P

Simbang Gabi

Today marks the start of the Filipino tradition of Simbang Gabi or Mass at Dawn. It is when Filipinos wake up early in the morning or before the break of the dawn to go to churches nationwide and attend the mass. It is a nine-day novena devoted for the Blessed Mother. It was believed that if a person is able to complete the whole nine days, he can wish for anything and will sure be granted.

I wonder if I'm just not too religious or if I really don't have a single bit of Holiday spirit in me.

Never in my life have I attended a single mass of the Simbang Gabi. It's not that I don't believe in it. Not that I don't wanna wake up that early or bore myself with the mass. I don't know. Why attend the mass if my heart's not in it? Or if I'll just laugh at some person's dress or some people sleeping in the middle of the homily? That would be sarcasm. Sarcasm inside the church. My dad is the head member of a music ministry that was always invited to play for the mass. He was not a church goer himself but loves playing music for Him. He said, "it does not really matter if you go to church every Sunday or not, what's important is you know how to thank him everytime you wake up, appreciate whatever it is that you received--big or small and finally, trust in Him."

These words are still hanging on my mind.

My hubby himself is not a church goer (I wonder if Tri can make a change), but we both pray or simply say "Thank God" whenever we receive anything, material or not.

Going back to the Simbang Gabi, I heard in the morning news some funny terms used during this season. (To those who can relate or uh--guilty, I know this will sound funny! Enjoy!)

   1.   The "Simbang-puto bumbong/bibingka".
               This term applies to a person who only attends the mass to enjoy the puto bumbong and bibingka together with tea.

    2.   The "Simbang-BF/GF".

               Teenage girls/boys going to church to secretly meet up with their partners and anxioulsy wait for the "Our Father" so they can legally hold hands.

    3.   The "Simbang-runway".

               Go figure. Socialites flaunting their Gucci attires, their Chanel bags, their Fendi belts and shoes.

     4.  The "Simbang-Politicians."

               Uh-hmm. May 2010 elections. No comment  =P

The list goes on for those observant peeps...The bottomline is, there is no need to follow a tradition as long as He is in your heart and you have your own way of celebrating his birth. May it be going to church or just simply saying "Thank you for being a part of our lives."




Tuesday, December 15, 2009

He's Got a Bad Boy Image

Don't get me wrong. Babies are so cute. It's actually their weapon of melting even a stone-cold heart (like hubby--hehe!) But, my very own Tri--no matter how cute he is, still has some moments of saying "what ya looking at, punk!"

This is my boy taken when he was only 10 days old. Look at how he frowned while asleep!

And this is him @ 3 months. "I am not a fan of picture-picture...grrr"

And last but not the least,

I swear to God, no Mom would wanna see his very own flipping off! Oh no you di-'nt, child!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Pill

       After debating with myself seven hundred and seventy seven times whether or not to switch BC type, after a thourough research and back-reading on a lot of parenting forums, I've finally decided it is time to end my dilemma.

       Today, I am on my second pack of the pill. It isn't that bad as I have imagined. And fortunately, I haven't forgot to take a single pill (who wouldn't?! I'm like a crazy b*t*h I have 2 alarms for it everyday hehe).

       Let's weigh the pro's and con's of switching from depo shots to the pill.

  •      My period is back to normal (as opposed to what I've read on some articles which says that it may take 8 months to 2 years) and is very light and less painful.
  •      I feel lighter. (when I was on depo shot, everytime I got a dose, it felt like I've just came from a cheering practice).
  •      I have control on my mood. (Ask my husband about it :) hehehe).
  •      It's like an instant sleeping pill. (The only thing I can remember as soon as I wake up in the morning is me feeling the soft bed then blank).
  •      Less P100 from my pocket. I'm getting it for free!

  •      I felt dizzy. (Like I wanna throw up or something. During my first pack, I'm feeling dizzy in the morning as if I am preggo and now that I am on my second pack, it usually occurs in the evening.)
  •      Diarrhea-like symptoms. (I had this one on my first pack, too. I do my thing like twice a day. The bad thing about it is that I felt dehydrated.)
  •      Fatigue. (Before, when I was still on depo shots, even after work I can still juggle house chores and taking care of hubby and Tri. Now, if it is bed time, it is bed time!!).
  •      Extra precautions on medications. (I freaked out after taking a type of antibiotic thinking that it will decrease the effectiveness of the pill!)

               This is so far so good.

               But I hope the pill will make me lose weight as well.



Be Safe on the Road

            Two weeks ago, I witnessed an after-snatching-incident-scene along Aurora Blvd. during my usual morning routine to work. (Yeah, here in the Philippines, crimes are performed any time of the day! ha!).

It happened like this: a guy ran past me, a lady vendor shouting "jackpot! jackpot!" and a girl (who looked like a college student) holding on to her left ear brisk walking with another lady and pointing at the direction behind me.

I thought it was a scene from a movie or a tv series.

           If I'll count the number of years that I've been commuting to and from school or to and from work, it'll be 6 years in total. And for those years, luckily, I have not experience those snatching or hold up-ing (THANK YOU, LORD!!!!).

           Before I went to college, my Dad gave me some helpful tips to keep safe on the road, which I am still using until now. (Thought I'd like to share it with you, guys.)

1.) While on the road inside the bus or a public jeepney, DO NOT SLEEP.

          People who are sleeping inside a public vehicle are most likely the target of those "mandurukot". If I am on a bus, I make sure to sit by the window, so I can have a good view of the road thus I can enjoy the travelling time and not feel sleepy at all. On jeepneys, I prefer to sit right next to the entry way.

2.) If you are not familiar with the place, do not be too obvious that you do not know which direction to go.

           My dad even said not to ask directions from local police! Me, I ask directions from fellow commuters or simply look for landmarks.

3.) Do not look rich.

         This may sound funny, but yes, this should be considered. Specially on places like Cubao, Pasay, Taft or Recto area. BLING-BLINGS ARE A NO-NO! Look rich and the next day you might wake up in an emtpy room chained or tied up.

4.) Put your bags infront of you.

             I always carry a body bag similar to a laptop case. It's always positioned infront me with my hand guarding the zippers/locks.

5.) Have extra bills somewhere in your clothes/body.

        When I was still in college (PUP), I always put couple of hundred bucks on my socks or inside my shoes or even on my brassiere. In case someone try to snatch my bag or hold up me (PLEASE LORD, DON'T!), I still have extra cash to get me home or some change to make a phone call.

6.) Look fierce!

Have that look that will scare whoever has bad agenda on you. Look as if you are ready to fight if needed. My dad is a tough guy and taught me to be the same. I am not trained to do martial arts or to do some self defense, but the trick of looking fierce sure is a good one.

I am not saying that this is 100% effective. These are just some safety precautions. Prayer is still the best armour. =)

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Rummaging through Tri's pictures when I saw this. This was taken back in Feb. Ha! Lovable :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol

I admit that I have been a fan of Brown's first two books about the Harvard symbologist, Robert Langdon. Both I enjoyed so much. Both I waited to become movies (which they did eventually).

Just like the first two, I expected that it would be dragging. Dragging enough for me to spare 2-3 hours of my sleep or do a super multi-tasking at work (purchase files, credit files, email correspondent, blogging and reading the novel all at at the same time--haha!) Can't let go of the next chapter! Need to read it, NOW!

Although, the story itself did not intrigue me that much compared to the Da Vinci Code, which startled the Christian community all over the world causing it to be banned from cinemas in Vatican, to be specific.

On this book, Brown focused the story on the American History, the Masonic influence and Noetic Science.

All in all, the book still hooked me. Brown brought me in a puzzle but was still there to guide me to the exit door. Only had to dislike the never ending description of the places. Had to skip those and just google the picture! :)

Rating (10 being the highest), I give the book an 8. Love the suspense parts, hate the meticulous description of scenes. Let the readers use their imagination.

Can't wait for the movie! I've read it will be out on 2012!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Enough of the Drama...:)

Okay...enough of the crying part.

This is my birthday week and I'm gonna make it different.

My birthday week started earlier than I anticipated. Thanks so much to the love birds, Jelly and Zero4ce who brought me a cake and sang "happy birthday" last Sunday afternoon. I love the cake! Even Tri and hubby enjoyed it :) And for Hephaestion for brightening up my day, as always, making me feel beautiful no matter how big I am! I love you guys. (picture of cake never taken--a BIG blame to hubby! haha)

The day after that (which was my off), hubby asked to go out. We ate lunch then went shopping. Well, I didn't shop for myself--that's a change. I let hubby buy stuff he likes and choose few things for Tri. Tri liked it that we are shopping. He'd been pointing at toys here and there! And boy-- did he made a scene on the mall! (sorry no picture)

The following day, I went to meet my dentist for another check-up. Had couple of fillings and one molar extracted (yyyooouuch!). For some weird reaons, I find this relaxing. Next week, another appointment, another check up and prep for the tinsel teeth (yikes...).

And today at the office I got P60 refund for food from my boss. Money not that big can still help me get home. Still, thanks!

I wonder what tomorrow will be for me.

For now, a bowl of spag and fried chix are waiting for me at home--thanks Dada! Love you. 30 more minutes and shift's over. So excited to go home and cuddle my little Tri.

Another December 2nd

December 2nd haven't been the same for me.

The last time I felt it was this date was like four years ago.

The last time I heard my Dad sang "happy birthday" to me at seven in the morning. We didn't have cake with candles, no party, no feast.

It's just us--my other four siblings and my parents.

Contented with whatever food my Dad was able to buy for all seven of us.

But I was happy then.

Very happy.

I miss him. My birthday will never be the same without my Dad.