Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ooooh! He likes it!

Last Sunday, after work, I planned to drop by the mall and look for this baby feeder gadget that I'm a full-time mummy... posted on her blog recently. Found out that there are a gazillion of stock on all SM department stores and Baby & Co..
Even so, I wasn't able to purchase one (ha!). Tried to talked it over with Dada but he thought that Tri is old enough for a feeder (he's 1yr and 5months old). So, I just brought home some melon-mango shake and Tokuyaki.
And boy--he downed two pieces of the tokuyaki and half of the 16oz. melon-mango shake! I can't believe he liked it! I'm a happy mom :D hihihi
But it's not over yet.
Yesterday, I made a sauteed mongo beans with pork, smoked round scad, tofu and bitter-melon leaves (simply called ginisang mongo in Filipino). He liked it. Like it, like it, like it. Dada even added some hard boiled egg on Tri's plate and he ate 'em all! I am so happy. (That's why I don't have any pictures taken, my bad!) Never been this happy with his eating habit.
Gotta google more Pinoy recipes :P