Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ondoy, It's Been a Month

I have blogged about my past experience with Ondoy last September which I wrote real time. It wasn't a good experience, but it wasn't that bad either.

I may have been stuck in the office, slept on my desk, did a double--if not triple shift and got worried sick about my baby and hubby at home during a storm.

I realized that during the time we are inside our office, we are still less unfortunate than the others who got stranded on the road, or trapped inside their flooded neighborhood, or those who are victims of mud slide or got drowned.

Heartbreaking. But we need to move on.

Well, here's the fun part.

Free food!

This was delivered to us after one of my Boss's conversation with our American bosses that we are all starving and stranded and soaking wet. haha!

These are just some of the groceries that my shift manager brought for us. Can't forget how regretful he was, unable to commute from his home to the office because all roads are impassable. But he came the day after. One of the most touching moments! Hmm..