Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mommy, Mommy, Look at Me

Yesterday was the start of my week at work after the DST. I just hate it. It means, I'll be running home an hour late than the usual. And when I got home last night, hubby was rushing me to get dressed because he'll be late for his gym session.

Tri and I played the whole time that Dada is not around. When Dada arrived around 9pm, Tri is still up and playing (haha!). I was scolded, of course.

Anyway, while hubby and I are having our late dinner, we let Tri play with his toy horse, Richie. He was screaming happily and hopping around, dragging his toy horse all over the dining area. Unsatisfied, he started lifting the horse and dropping it on the floor followed by his never ending giggle. And if he notices Dada and I talking, he'll either stomp his foot or yell "Ma!" to get our attention. He's been craving for so much attention lately. He is so hyperactive and talks non-stop (well, babble out of this word world). If he feels no one is listening, he'll grab anybody's face or shout jibberish words.

Such an energy for a very tiring and stressful day from work. I felt so exhausted but fulfilled. We finally settled down around 11:30pm. Not a good idea for a midweek activity, hehe :D