Thursday, November 5, 2009

Laughing Our As*es Off

Our office celebrates Halloween the same as every other year. Trick or Treating with the employees kids (which unfortunately I was not able to bring Tri), best Halloween costume, best Team theme, etc., etc., etc..

I am not a party person and I would not dare dress myself with something I know will embarrass me someday (ha!!).

So, my friend Hephaestion and I sat quietly, as usual, on our stations and do the normal routine in the office. Another gay friend came and asked us, "Why are you not dressed? What's your costume?"

Hephaestion snapped. Sat straight and pursed his lips. "This is our costume. I am your gay office mate in pink shirt that criticizes your fashion sense!"

That was good. I looked at my attire. The usual green puff sleeved blouse and black skinny jeans. Nothing special. But, I can't help myself but blurt: "And I am the nagging wife!"


That doesn't sound good. But we laughed our as*es off!