Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy 18th Month Birthday :)

Again, Mommy's late in posting!

Whew! Ain't it quick? My baby just turned 18 months old last Nov 23! Time is moving so fast. He may not be growing fast physically (unfortunately got his mom's genes--ha!), but his brain development, specially in speech, had given me a sense of accomplishment.

Aside from calling me Mymy and my hubby Dada, he's named a lot of stuff at home and some basic commands!

Here's a few:

1.) He calls his bestfriend pillow "byby" (baby).

2.) He says "ta bath" if he wants to take a shower or if it's time for his bath.

3.) He says "ka" if he's hungry (his short term for "kain", Filipino term for eat) and another use of this, if he wants to go outside and play (from "halika" or come on).

4.) If you'll ask him "where are you going?", he'll answer promptly "labas" (Filipino word for "outside").

5.) He calls for "de-de" if he wants milk. (if he wants a full 10oz. bottle he makes it plural form "de-des")

6.) He'll scream "pis" if he saw any bug.

7.) If he hears a ringing sound, he'll quickly grab a phone or a remote control and say "papa" while holdng the phone on to his ear.

8.) He's been using the term "that" (in his perfect American accent) to almost everything he laid his eyes on.

9.) He also learned to say "'to ba?" (this one?).

10.) And just yesterday, he learned how to say his nick. I taught him to say "Tri" if asked "what's your name". He's still learning though. His version of his name: "Tub-ri".

A lot of times he's babbling nonsense. But those nonsense or jibberish talking is music to my ear. Can't wait for him to start asking questions :D